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Office cleaning

Finding the right professional cleaning service for your office in Dubai can be a cumbersome task since there are budgets to consider and so many companies to choose from. It's also important to find an office cleaning company that is reliable and trustworthy. ServiceMarket has partnered with the best office cleaning companies in Dubai so we can get you a wide selection of quotes and options. Whether you require professional cleaning services for your office or full building cleaning services, we can help! With ServiceMarket, you can compare different contract plans, read real customer reviews and get quotes from multiple companies for free!

Who has time for cleaning?

Running a business and managing an office are enough time consuming and energy draining tasks in a day and the last thing that you want to think about at the end of a long day is cleaning up your office space. Thankfully, there are many options available to you in Dubai to ensure that your office remains spic and span. The best one of which is to hire a professional cleaning service that specializes in office spaces and has experience designing contracts for the task.

Let professionals take care of your workplace

Hiring a professional office cleaning company in Dubai can be both a time and money saver. These companies will design a contract specific to your office needs, which means that you will not have to worry about organizing a service every week. Furthermore, a professional cleaning company will bring in the expertise, supplies and products that will be used to clean and disinfect an office space without damaging any of your office equipment.

Benefits to you and your employees

In an office that hasn’t been cleaned regularly there can be as much pollution inside as there is in the outside environment. A cluttered and messy office also makes it difficult for employees to concentrate and makes them more prone to stress. A thoroughly cleaned workplace is essential for work productivity and contributes to the mental and physical well-being of you and your employees. In addition, proper disposal of waste will keep the office space free of rodents, bugs and other pests.

Comparison shop away

If one quote doesn't quite fit the budget then don’t be afraid to shop around. Compare the prices that each cleaning company quotes you so that you can come to know what kind of cleaning services you can expect from the various cleaning companies. ServiceMarket is designed to offer you free quotations for office cleaning services based on your needs - simply fill out the form and let the quotes come to you.

Frequently asked questions

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Our cleaning service consists of a professional team that will clean and sanitize all of your office’s surfaces, using sanitization and cleaning materials proven to kill 99% of the germs. All materials used for sanitization purposes are approved by the Dubai Municipality.

The cleaning cost mainly depends on the number of hours taken to do the job. It can cost you as little as AED 25 per hour. The more the number of hours, the lower the per hour cost will be i.e. a 2 hour service will cost you about AED 50 per hour whereas a 4 hour service can cost you around AED 35 per hour. The time taken will depend on the size of the office. Other factors such as unavailability of your own cleaning equipment due to which additional cleaning materials will be required may add onto the final cost.

A filthy workplace can adversely affect all stakeholders coming into contact with the office space. It can impact the employees’ productivity which can halt your company’s growth. An unhygienic office can also cause the employees to be sick more frequently. Moreover, external stakeholders visiting your office will judge you based on how your office space looks as this is the first thing they will be visualizing.

While an office must be deep cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year to get rid of all the dust and germs accumulated in the untouched corners, this isn’t enough. It should still be cleaned daily or at least thrice a week (in the case the office is small) to keep it all nice and tidy.

It definitely is as it gets rid of all the dust trapped in areas that cannot be cleaned which may trigger allergies resulting in the employees getting sick. It also prevents formation of fungi in any area which can produce gases which are harmful if breathed in. All in all it helps make the office safe and ideal for your employees.

After completing a short online form explaining what service you are looking for, we will send your information to licensed and professional companies asking for a quote. Within 24 hours, you will receive at least three quotes from selected companies. You can then compare the different quotes and customer reviews, and hire the company of your choice.
For some complex services, the ServiceMarket team will call you first to understand your request, budget and specific requirements a bit better. We then collect your personalized quotes from up to 5 companies, and send them to you.

No. Our service is free to all our customers. Once you have received your personalized quotes, you have the freedom and flexibility to select a service provider that best suits your needs and purchase their services when you need it.

You can expect to receive quotes from around 3-5 companies

For household services such as painting, cleaning, and pest control, we recommend that you submit your request 3-5 days in advance.
Complex services have a longer lead time. We recommend 2-3 weeks for moving, storage, and car shipping requests to make sure your desired service provider is available on that date.

You can keep track of your quotes by logging in and checking out “My Quotes”.

You can pay the service provider directly after they’ve delivered the service to you.

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