How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost in Dubai?

office cleaning cost in dubai

Getting your office cleaned daily is essential as it is difficult to work in a cluttered environment. If your office space in Dubai is clean, it will not only make your employees more productive, but it will also put forth a good impression in front of your prospective clients who visit the workspace.

Having a clean office in Dubai is more essential now than ever as we are going through some tough times. The only way to combat this situation is through proper cleaning and sanitization. Book cleaning and sanitization services for your Dubai office now!

When hiring a cleaning service for your office, several factors need to be considered. One of the major factors is cost.

At the end of the day you are running a business to earn some profit. It only makes sense that you would prefer to control your expenses by going with the best available option. This in turn will benefit you by providing you with good quality at low costs.

There are several elements that collectively determine the final cost when hiring a cleaning company for your office in Dubai.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Office Cleaning in Dubai

Number of hours

The cleaning cost is generally determined on an hourly basis. The cost of cleaning an office depends on the number of hours that you are booking a cleaner for. The more the number of hours, the lower your per hour cost will come out to be. For instance, cleaning service of 2 hours will cost you around AED 50 per hour but a cleaning service of 4 hours will cost you only around AED 35 per hour.

Size of office

The number of hours will generally depend on the size of the office. A larger office will take more time thereby increasing the number of hours taken to clean the office up.

Frequency of service

The frequency of the cleaning service also matters when deciding the final office cleaning cost. You can book a cleaner for once a week or multiple times a week according to your office’s requirements. The higher the number of times you book a cleaner in a week, the higher the final cleaning cost will turn out to be.

Cleaning Equipment and materials

If you do not have the cleaning equipment like mops, brushes, vacuum cleaners, etc. or materials like cleaning liquids, disinfectants, etc. the cleaners will have to bring them along. This will cost you extra. 

It is always recommended to have your own equipment and material. This will not only help in cutting down your final cleaning cost, but you can select the material according to your preference. For instance, if you are concerned about the environment and wish to use green cleaning products rather than your run-of-the-mill liquids, it is a safe bet to buy your cleaning products yourself.

At ServiceMarket, if you want your cleaner to use green cleaning products, you can always add preferences like these in the customization section when booking an office cleaning service. At ServiceMarket, cleaning materials will generally cost you an additional AED 10 per hour. 

When booking an office cleaning service with ServiceMarket, you will normally be asked to fill out a form outlining the number of hours, the number of times the service will be required in a week, whether you will be needing any cleaning materials or equipment and if there are any customized requests from the customer’s end. All these factors will collectively determine your final office cleaning cost. 

After you have filled out all the information, you will receive quotes from around 5 cleaning companies after which you can choose the one that best suits you and go with it. 

ServiceMarket has been reviewed as one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai by Cleaning Services Reviewed. If you wish to book an office cleaning service with ServiceMarket, you can easily download the mobile application and get quotes right away!

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