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Water tank cleaning tips from The Home Project

Why Is Water Tank Cleaning so Important in Dubai

While water supplied by DEWA is considered fit for human consumption, a dirty water storage tank means that the water that reaches you will not be clean and fresh. While you might think that a water fi...

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Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning for Your Hair, Skin and Health

One of the first items to tick off when you move into a new house or apartment should be a complete and thorough water tank cleaning, either by hiring a water tank cleaning company in Dubai yourself or...

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Water Tank Cleaning Is Better Than Cure

Periodically hiring a water tank cleaning company in Dubai is essential to ensure that the quality of the water that we consume on a daily basis can be maintained. Building owners carry a lot of respon...

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How Can You Ensure That You Have Clean Drinking Water in Dubai

Water supplied by DEWA is considered safe for drinking. Any contamination that happens takes place at the end point i.e. the water storage tanks. ServiceMarket previously brought you reasons why period...

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Home in Dubai?

You’ve moved to Dubai and the additional income from living in a tax-free economy means that you can finally consider moving into the beautiful house of your dreams. If you are ready to seal the deal...

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Water Tank Cleaning Questions to Ask Your Dubai Landlord

Having a clean water tank for your water storage is of critical importance. The city of Dubai has been maintaining a campaign to keep water tanks clean for years due to the effect of water cleanliness ...

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Why do I need to clean my Water Tank?

  1. Clean water is one of those things that we all depend on without giving it much thought. Even though most of us would buy bottled water for drinking, we still trust the water coming out of our taps to be clean and healthy enough for showering, cooking and washing dishes.
  2. In Dubai, as in much of the Middle East, a common water solution is for villas to be supplied by pumped water from a water tank placed in close proximity to the villa. While convenient, the fact that each water tank is independently operated also means that it is up to the property owner or tenant to ensure that the water tank is regularly cleaned so that it does not become a source of water contamination.

How can ServiceMarket.com help me with Water Tank cleaning in Dubai?

  1. Ok, so you need to find someone to help you clean your water tank? Good, you have come to the right place.
  2. Instead of you trying to figure out where to find a company in Dubai to hire for water tank cleaning, we will do that for you. ServiceMarket has partnerships with a group of water tank maintenance service companies that offer the best service in town. Whether you require a one-time water tank cleaning or wish to set up a recurring schedule we can help you out.
  3. You can think of ServiceMarket as a quick and free matchmaker between Dubai water tank cleaning companies and you. With ServiceMarket, you can book your water tank cleaning at a fixed attractive price (no need to haggle) and know that the work will be well done. Should there ever be a problem, our professional customer service desk is available 7 days per week to help you.

How do I book Water Tank cleaning services in Dubai?

The process is quick, simple and free of charge! First, you need to fill out our short simple online form. Select your service package at a fixed price and share your location and any special instructions. Once you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation. We may call you for clarifications and to remind you of your scheduled service.

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