Why Is Water Tank Cleaning so Important in Dubai

Water tank cleaning services in Dubai

While water supplied by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is considered fit for human consumption, a dirty storage tank means that the water that reaches you will not be clean and fresh. While you might think that a water filtration system protects you from health issues caused by consuming unclean water, such systems are not 100% effective.

Moreover, filtered water isn’t used everywhere. You might use it for cooking and drinking, but not to brush your teeth or bathe your children. To gain access to clean and safe water at all times, you must bookΒ water tank cleaners in Dubai at least once a year. Here’s why getting your water tanks cleaned is of utmost importance:

Water tank cleaning services in Dubai

Important for Health

Unclean water can lead to disease outbreaks since many types of bacteria, parasites, and viruses thrive on stagnant conditions created by rust, scale, dirt, and debris. Algal growth is also common in dirty water tanks, especially in hot climates. Some common health problems that arise due to impure water include dysentery, cholera, and gastroenteritis.

To protect yourself from such diseases, it is essential to get water storage tanks cleaned on a regular basis. For building owners, it also means compliance with health and safety regulations of Dubai Municipality’s Public Health Department.

Essential for Tank Maintenance

Regular cleaning of a water storage tank prevents buildup of sediment and silt that is present naturally in the water supply. It also reduces the probability of rusting and corrosion. If a tank isn’t cleaned regularly, however, the tank structure deteriorates and will require repair or replacement.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

If a task is carried out regularly, it always takes up less time and effort which in turn reduces costs. A tank that isn’t cleaned for years, for example, would rack up maintenance costs when its condition and the resulting issues can no longer be ignored. Then besides tank cleaning, issues like untreated corrosion, scale formation, blockages and leaks, damage to associated water systems, and proliferation of microbes would have to be dealt with. In some cases, if it’s been too long, you might even have to get your water tank replaced altogether.

Prevents Plumbing Issues

Buildup of impurities can also cause plumbing issues in the valves and pipes that supply the water to a building. To ensure that this doesn’t happen a water tank and its associated systems needs to be properly maintained through regular cleaning.

Prevents Various Skin Problems

Your skin’s ability to absorb anything you apply to it shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a result, there is a good probability that your skin may absorb all the contaminants from the contaminated water if you decide to bathe or shower in it.

This may result in bacterial skin infections that cause itchy, painful rashes that swell the skin and eyes and cause them to tear. Cleaning your water tank regularly can ensure that fresh, clean water is always flowing through your faucets and showerheads.

What to Look for When Hiring a Water Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai

Are they approved by the Dubai Municipality?

For companies to be approved by the Dubai Municipality, they need to undergo a comprehensive vetting process, in which the Dubai Municipality grades companies based on the level of training the staff have and the condition of the equipment they use. Moreover, the supervisors are required to go for a verbal and written assessment of the cleaning process.

Are they licensed?

All water tank cleaning companies in Dubai need to have a valid license from the Dubai Municipality to clean storage tanks. Cleaning water tanks is a delicate process and it needs to be done correctly to ensure that there are no unclean water-related illnesses.

Are they trained?

Following the point above, the cleaning staff needs to be trained and aware of the government regulations for water tank cleaning. The staff should be knowledgeable about these regulations and be able to answer your questions about the regulations, the equipment they use, and the precautions they take in full.

Do they have a lot of experience?

An experienced water tank cleaning company is always the best company to choose. It means that they have done the job frequently, have experienced staff, and will likely be the most aware of the regulations set by the Dubai Municipality. They will also be aware of what areas to focus on within the tank and know how to deal with problem areas appropriately. Β 

What do the customer reviews say about them?

Last but not least, always check what customers have to say about the water tank cleaning company you are considering.


Just like humans, non-living things require care as well to perform at their optimum level at all times. Instead of waiting for irreversible damage to your water tanks, it is better to get them maintained and cleaned from time to time.

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