Top 3 Methods to Make your Upholstery Last Longer in Dubai

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From the beautiful Oriental-style furniture pieces that remind you of vacationing in the exotic East, to the expensive drapes you decided would pull your entire living room togetherΒ – there are plenty of upholstered furnishings around a home. They make look great, but they require special care to make them last longer in near perfect condition. Take a look how you can do this yourself and hire professional sofa cleaning services to help you along!

The first method:Β Β For rugs and carpets –Β If you want to make upholstery last for years ahead, it would be best to clean it at least once a year. It is not enough to vacuum them monthly, as sometimes spills and stains happen, that need more work than that. You can enhance the effect of careful cleaning by making sure they stay out of direct sunlight. Imagine the bleaching effect if you expose your upholstered furniture to direct sunlight every day throughout the summer. Make sure you have heavy curtains blocking sunlight if you feel you need to. Blinds that do the same job will also work, especially if you want to avoid dealing with washing curtains.

The second method:Β For sofas, and other upholstered funriture – Clean sofas, chairs, love seats and other upholstered items by following a schedule, and look for professional sofa cleaning services if you feel things have gone too far in terms of staining or dust. Professional upholstery cleaning at least once in a year will ensure the look of your upholstery is as close to its original aesthetics as possible. Meanwhile, follow a schedule to plan the cleaning and buffing of your upholstered items. This will help you keep things more organized and easier to track further down the line. Steam cleaning should also be implemented into your routines if you have the chance to do it once in a while, as it will be the relatively safest way of handling this without chemicals. If you don’t have the tools to do so, cleaning services will usually have a solution readily available for their clients.

The third methodFor all furniture – When all is said and done, the best way to ensure you make the upholstered parts of your furniture survive longer is to ensure there will be less wear and tear from friction as well. Throws and covers can be an excellent way of doing just that with just a bit of work attached. You can find a wide range of interesting covers and throws in the market in various styles you can choose from. Just pick the one you think will look the best with the rest of the decorations or style of your rooms and you’ll be good to go.

This will cover both aesthetics and practicality in a way you can count on in the long run.

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