Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning for Your Hair, Skin and Health

Water tank cleaning service in Dubai

One of the first items to tick off when you move into a new house or apartment should be a complete and thorough water tank cleaning, either by hiring a water tank cleaning company in Dubai yourself or asking your landlord about the last time the water tank was cleaned and insisting on a cleaning if it was more than six months ago.

We all know about the importance of clean water when it comes to drinking it, yet most people forget to check up on their water tanks to make sure they’re clean because either they don’t know about the benefits of a clean water tank or they don’t make it a priority. But the fact is, having a clean tank makes the difference between healthy and drab looking skin and hair. It also helps protect you and your family from various water borne diseases. So it is not just about having clean water to drink or cook with, water that gets on your skin when you shower or in your mouth when you brush your teeth, needs to be equally clean.

Your Skin Will Thank You

Did you know that when you shower your skin can absorb the chemicals, minerals and anything else that is in it? Which means if you’re showering with water from an unclean tank, a lot of those impurities might be going inside your body. This could mean harmful and long-lasting damage to your skin. However, if you use filtered, clean water in your shower, your skin will reflect that over time. That is why it’s also important to use gentle, organic showering products on your skin. Say hello to brighter, softer skin instead of dry and dull skin that results from harsh chemicals and hard water.

No More Bad Hair Days

Another essential benefit to be gained from clean water in your shower is the luscious locks you’ll get in return. Our hair needs filtered and soft water for rinsing and cleaning, because the alternative means dry, unmoisturized hair along with a flaky scalp. If your hair is naturally curly and you’ve been feeling it’s frizzier than usual these days, make an appointment to get your water tank a good scrubbing – it could mean all the difference between a good and bad hair day.

The Right Choice For Your Health

Water coming from a dirty tank contains many types of germs that can infect you and your family. To avoid health issues such as dysentery and gastroenteritis, clean water is essential for consumption in your home. When you leave a water tank for a long period of time without cleaning it, it may also become impossible to ever fully clean it again; forcing you to undertake an expensive tank replacement process. The types of germs and bacteria gathering in the tank may even make it dangerous to clean it, which is why some cleaning companies in Dubai could refuse the job.

Correct Chlorine Levels

Why is it that a clean water tank provides so many advantages to our skin, hair, and health? Besides being free of harmful microorganisms, clean water also has less chlorine. Chlorine is not a substance you want in abundance in your water as it can mix with other chemicals to create byproducts that are harmful. Make sure the chlorine levels are at the standard, healthy level by hiring professionals to clean the tank.

Why Not Just Filter The Water?

If you have a filter system installed in your home, you may find that the water coming out of your shower still isn’t clean enough. This is because your water tank hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and is terribly dirty. When the base or foundation of anything is not strong enough, nothing you add on will be enough, including filtration. The filtering process only takes care of small impurities here and there, which is not enough if you want to guarantee healthy water for you and your family.

Water Tank Timeline

If we’ve convinced you to take the plunge and clean your water tank (and we hope we have!) find a water tank cleaner in Dubai using ServiceMarket and make an appointment. You might think this is a project you can take on yourself; but the experts know what they’re doing and could complete the project in half the time it takes you. Use your time wisely on other tasks and let the professionals handle the tank.

How often, you ask? That depends on the size of the tank and how long it’s been since you last contacted someone, but we suggest twice a year. The experts can also give you their professional opinion after inspecting your tank. When you shower at home after the water tank has been cleaned, you’ll definitely notice a difference in the feel and purity of the water.

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