5 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Bills Every Month in Dubai

5 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Bills

Like many Dubai residents, you could be spending more on your monthly bills than you need to! Some simple steps can help you save money on your bills each month, and this can make a large difference to your savings over the year. Here are some insider savings tips to help you save as much as possible:

Save Money on Your Bills Every Month in Dubai

1. Save up to 20% on your home telecom bill:

This is one area where many people could be saving a significant amount of money each month.

    • Switch telecom providers: In the past, residents in Dubai had to use Etisalat or du depending on which one their building offered. This is no longer the case. Many people don’t realize that you can now get both Etisalat and du in all buildings in Dubai, so you can pick the service provider with the best deal for you! There are a number of great offers out there, so take the time to compare your options and see whether you could be getting a better deal for your money. For example if you are living in a du building, Etisalat are currently offering free home internet for the first two months, starting from an effective price of 249 AED per month, if you switch now. These deals include free unlimited super-fast internet, free Wi-Fi routers, free eLife TV anywhere with their app eLifeON and free national calls.
    • Check what’s included in your package: Double check whether your existing package includes all the features than you need. You could be saving money by upgrading to a different package. If you’re currently spending a lot on national calls, switch to an Etisalat package that gives you free national calls with your home phone.

2. Save up to 70% on electricity:

Your electricity usage probably constitutes a large percentage of your monthly bills, and you can easily save money by conserving energy in your home:

    • Check your air conditioning unit: You could be doubling your cooling costs if you have a very old AC or one that is not working properly. Getting it serviced regularly and cleaning the filter frequently will significantly improve its performance and help you save on electricity bills.
    • Monitor the temperature in your home: It is recommended that you keep your AC set at 24 degrees or higher. Did you know that you can save up to 9% on your bill for each degree?
    • Invest in a smart home solution: When you leave your home, turn all electrical equipment off – and yes, that includes the AC. Make sure to switch everything off when it is not in use. You can even invest in a smart home solution that automatically switches off lights and appliances when they are not needed. Β 

3. Save on water:

You can also save money by taking simple steps to preserve water:

    • In the bathroom: Keep the tap off while brushing your teeth and shaving and install low-flow faucets to prevent water wastage. Get leaking pipes and faucets fixed immediately.
    • In the kitchen: Load dishwashers and washing machines to their full capacity before you hit the start button. If there aren’t enough clothes to fill your washing machine, then consider waiting a couple of days before you do your laundry.
    • Outside in the garden: Turn off the hose and sprinklers as soon as your garden has been properly irrigated. You can minimize evaporation by watering early in the morning or late at night when the sun is not too strong.

4. Save on your mobile bill:

Here are some tried and tested ways to keep your mobile bill within your budget:

    • Choose the right mobile plan: Wondering what’s the best mobile plan? It depends on your usage. If you do a lot of web surfing and watch videos on your phone, then you should sign up for a mobile plan that gives you plenty of internet data every month. If you don’t watch a lot of videos, but are constantly calling your family back home, then choose a plan with free international minutes.
    • Use bundles: You can also sign up for bundles to save money. For example, a bundle might give you 500 minutes of talk time at a discounted rate. Remember, you’ll be billed at the standard rate as soon as you exceed the limit of your bundle, so keep track of your usage and renew your bundles as soon as they expire.
    • Subscribe to promotions: You can save a significant amount of money by signing up to promotions. Keep an eye open for promotions like cheaper international calling rates, free TV channels and OnDemand movies on smart devices, and bonus internet data.Β Β 

5. Save on your home services cost:

There are three main ways to save money while booking home services:

    • Book at an off-peak time: Consider booking home services when demand is lower. Weekends and public holidays have high demand for home services so you’re unlikely to get a discounted service then. Save money by keeping an eye out for promotions and book services at non-peak times (Mondays and Tuesdays are particularly quiet).
    • Commit to a long-term recurring booking: You can often get a discount from your service provider if you sign a long term contract with them. Consider getting quotes from multiple companies to see which one offers you the best deal.

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