ServiceMarket Promo Codes

ServiceMarket Promo Codes

ServiceMarket always tries to go the extra mile to provide better value to its customers. We are currently offering many special discounts to first-time as well as existing ServiceMarket users. Here’s a list of promo codes along with details on how they can be used to book home services at discounted rates:

New to ServiceMarket? Download our app and get a discount on your first service!

Use promo code β€˜NEW25’ to book a 4 hour clean for AED 25/hr or get 25% off on any other service with a maximum discount of AED 100. This offer is valid on the app for first-time users only.

Share ServiceMarket with friends and get AED 500 in free credit! They get a discount too!

Refer 10 friends to ServiceMarket, and get AED 50 free credit anytime each of them books a job! They’ll also get AED 50 off their first service when they use your link!

How to share your unique referral link:

  • Open the ServiceMarket app and go to the Account tab.
  • Press the “Invite a friend” section.
  • Send your unique link to your friends! It takes less than 10 seconds!

Switch from cash to credit card and get a 5% discount on your next service!

Use promo code β€˜CREDITCARD’ to get a 5% discount if you book any service with your credit card as the preferred payment option. This offer is for one-time use only and applies to all services.Β 

Want a discount on a Home Cleaning service?

NEW100: Get your home cleaned at only AED 25 per hour! Valid for 4 hours cleaning service only, and for first-time users.

Want a discount on Maintenance services?Β 

You can use the promo code β€˜HANDY50’ to get AED 50 off handyman, TV mounting, furniture assembly, curtain hanging, lightbulbs and lighting, AC cleaning, AC repair, AC installation, electrician, and plumbing services. This offer is for first-time users only.

Want a discount on PEST CONTROL SERVICES?

First-time users can use promo code β€˜PEST50’ to get AED 50 off pest control services (bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and move-in pest control).

Want a discount on MOVING SERVICES?Β 

You can use promo code β€˜MOVE50’ to get AED 50 off when you book local moving services on our app. This offer is for first-time users only.

Want a discount on a Specialized Cleaning service (e.g. carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning)?

First-time users can use promo code β€˜SCLEAN50’ to get AED 50 off deep cleaning, water tank cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, and carpet cleaning services.

Now you can easily find and book the best professional home services online and save a significant amount of money at the same time through ServiceMarket. Download the Servicemarket app today. Be sure to watch this page for more exciting offers!Β 

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