How Much Does an IV Drip Cost in Dubai?

IV drip therapy at home in Dubai

Whether you want to get that extra dose of energy or an ultimate detox solution, IV therapy is a common solution today. The convenience of getting multiple cures through infusion is multiplied by the fact that this service can also be availed in the comfort of your home. That is why most people, especially senior citizens, prefer to book IV drip therapy at home

What Are IV Drips?

An intravenous therapy, more commonly known as an IV drip therapy is the latest wellness and beauty booster to take the world by a storm. It is an extremely secure, effective, and competitive medication that guarantees relaxation and relief through organic vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that interact with the bloodstream directly. This process allows the injured tissues and cells to be naturally nourished and repaired through immediate absorption. 

Getting an IV drip therapy comparatively delivers nutrients around the body 90 to 100% faster than oral medication, which has an absorption rate of 20 to 50%.[1] It addresses a broad range of issues and provides sufficient nutritive values to support one’s growth and increase their level of energy. Moreover, it supports weight loss, the treatment of mental disorders, and the relief of ordinary aches. The overall wellness is improved as a result.

Cost of IV Drips

Depending upon each individual’s requirements, there is a variety of different IV drips to choose from. The costs of each IV drip therapy vary as per the purpose it serves, ranging from AED 190 to AED 1,000. 

Anti Hair-Loss Drip

When looking to stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp from within, an IV drip might be the best bet. Rich in Zinc, Biotin, minerals, vitamins, and other essential ingredients, this drip reduces hair fall and elevates keratin production. This saves hair from becoming brittle and weak. The cost of this therapy is around AED 599. 


There may come a time when taking pills might not help with stress relief for someone anymore. That is where IV drip treatment is useful. In AED 999, one can get rid of the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and improve their quality of life.

Weight Loss Drip

Getting rid of rigid fat by trying to stay consistent with weight loss routines can be very difficult. At times, extra help may be required to boost metabolism for quicker results. In such cases, a weight loss IV drip may be the solution. It aids in increasing the immune function and energy, as well as the metabolism and fat-burning rate, to aid in the body’s detoxification and fat removal in AED 599.

Skin Glow Drip

Over time, the skin becomes dull and ashen. Fortunately, there is now a way to balance the skin’s collagen production and get a glowing complexion that is desired by almost everyone. By removing free radicals and flushing out toxins, this drip leaves the skin looking rejuvenated and radiant. Its starting price is AED 499.

Liver Detox Drip

This IV drip reduces free radicals, cleanses the liver, and aids in the excretion of heavy metals by combining two of the finest antioxidants and adding extra vitamin C. The liver can be filtered with this effective and safe treatment which costs AED 499. 

Women’s Multivitamin Drip

It has been demonstrated that women’s multivitamin drip helps to regulate progesterone and estrogen. It has been shown to reduce numerous common PMS symptoms like cramping, electrolyte depletion, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and bloating. This drip costs around AED 599.

Anti Aging Drip

When looking to improve skin health and rejuvenate damaged cells, an anti-aging IV drip may prove beneficial. The body receives numerous unique advantages from anti-aging IV infusion therapy, like skin tightening and collagen production. This treatment aids in preventing and undoing cell damage brought on by the sun, toxins in the environment, and other stressors. This treatment can be availed in AED 649 to reduce any signs of aging such as wrinkles.Β Β 

Vitamin C Drip

It has been demonstrated that vitamin C significantly contributes to the production of neurotransmitters and collagen, has wound-healing qualities, and boosts immunity. It is great for one’s skin and appearance and promotes wellnessΒ while preventing cell damage.Β 

Anyone looking to get this therapy in Dubai can book it in AED 449.

Hangover Treatment

The IV treatment infusion gives an additional energy boost, reduces the risk of getting a hangover or dehydration, and enables recuperation and revitalization following late nights or a party. It costs AED 499.

Vitamin B Drip

In case an individual suffers from neurological issues, chances are they have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B IV drip is a common fix to give an energy boost while improving brain function and cardiovascular health. This treatment is available for AED 449.

Immunity Support Drip

Intravenous drip to boost immunity gives the vitamins and minerals required by the body for immune system upkeep and for viral protection. For nourishing effects, the formula contains high amounts of vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B, etc. In addition to boosting immunity, this potent mixture also lowers inflammation, enhances antioxidant levels, and maintains digestive health. 

Anyone who is prescribed this IV drip can get it in AED 599.

Vitamin D Drip

To replenish bone health and absorb Phosphorus and Calcium better, getting a vitamin D drip is the way forward. It helps build resistance against certain diseases and works well for people with osteoporosis.

Increased vitamin D levels can be achieved quickly and successfully using an IV vitamin D infusion in AED 399.


With so much to gain from the IV drip treatment, there’s no reason to wait if one suffers from any of the deficiencies mentioned above. The multiple benefits of each drip type outweigh the cost factors.

Now anyone looking to get it has the convenience of availing this treatment at home through ServiceMarket. By visiting the website, they can easily book an IV drip therapy at home in Dubai for them or anyone in their household.  

[1] What Is IV Therapy? Definition, Benefits, Types | IV Boost UK. (2022, July 11). IVBoost.

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