How Much Do Blood Tests at Home Cost In Sharjah?

get your blood test at home in Sharjah

The facility to get blood tests at home offers convenience and ease in Sharjah’s healthcare landscape. For each test, the cost varies and depends upon a range of factors such as complexity, urgency of the appointment, or even location. If you want to get your blood test at home in Sharjah this list details how each test is priced. 

General Health Tests

These are the most basic health examinations with the following rates:

Urine Analysis

This fundamental test, priced at AED 99, examines kidney function, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. It is recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms like frequent urination or lower back pain.

CBC (Complete Blood Count)

For AED 99, this test assesses overall health and can help diagnose various conditions like anemia and infection. It is typically recommended as part of a routine health checkup or when someone presents with unexplained fatigue, weakness, or bruising.

Full Body Checkup 32 Parameters

This offers two options: one with 32 parameters for AED 119  and another with 55 parameters (AED 229.) The test provides a detailed health overview, suitable for those seeking a comprehensive assessment, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions or specific medications. Alternatively, the 55-parameter test is ideal for individuals with a family history of chronic illnesses.

STD Tests

STD tests are priced based on two different factors:

Private STD Test 7 Parameters

This test focusing on detecting sexually transmitted diseases is recommended for individuals concerned about recent exposure or experiencing relevant symptoms. The urgent option that provides results within 12 hours is AED 399 while the 48 hours one is 299.

Private STD Test 14 Parameters

A more comprehensive STD test covering 14 parameters is recommended for individuals seeking a thorough assessment. The SOP involves blood sample collection, with results available within

  • 12 hours for AED 599 
  • 48 hours for AED 499.

Fertility and Wellness Tests

The prices for fertility tests also vary:

Pregnancy Test

This crucial test for detecting pregnancy is priced at AED 119. It is recommended for sexually active women experiencing delayed periods or other pregnancy-related symptoms.

Hormone Profile Test

Starting at AED 199, this test analyzes hormonal levels, crucial for understanding health and fertility in women experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, fertility issues, or other hormonal imbalances. 

For men looking to get tested for low libido, erectile dysfunction, or fertility issues, the cost is AED 179.  

Fertility Profile Test

Focusing on fertility-related parameters, this test is priced at AED 350. It is recommended for couples planning to conceive and those facing difficulties in conceiving.  

Pre-Marriage Screening Test

This test is for couples planning to get married, ensuring a healthy start to their new life, at a cost of AED 500. It is a prerequisite for couples in many cultures to ensure a match in health compatibility. 

Premium Wellness Package

This comprehensive package covering various aspects of women’s health and well-being is priced at AED 600. It is recommended for people seeking a comprehensive health assessment, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions or are planning major life changes.

Lifestyle Tests

These are the charges for lifestyle tests:

Liver Profile

Assesses liver function and health, vital for maintaining overall well-being, at a cost of AED 99. It is recommended for individuals with a history of liver diseases, alcohol abuse, or certain medications that could affect liver function.

Kidney Profile

Evaluate kidney function and identify potential issues related to renal health at AED 99. Those with a family history of kidney disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes should get this done.

Lipid/Cholesterol Profile

Important for assessing heart health and managing cholesterol levels, at a cost of AED 99. This is recommended for people with a history of high blood pressure,  heart disease, or a family history of elevated cholesterol levels.

Iron Profile

Measure your iron levels, crucial for preventing anemia, for AED 119. Individuals with symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, such as fatigue and pale skin are usually recommended to avail this test.

Vitamin D Deficiency Test

Check for vitamin D levels, essential for bone health and overall immunity, at AED 149. It is recommended for individuals with a lack of sun exposure, bone pain, or conditions affecting vitamin D absorption.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Test

Assess vitamin B12 levels, crucial for energy production and nerve health, at a cost of AED 149. It is recommended for individuals with symptoms like fatigue, weakness, or numbness and tingling in extremities.

Diabetes Screening Test

Helps in early detection and management of diabetes for AED 149. People with risk factors such as obesity, family history, or sedentary lifestyles are usually recommended.

Thyroid Profile Test

This test worth AED 179 evaluates thyroid function, crucial for metabolism and overall health. It is usually suggested to people with overactive or underactive thyroid symptoms, such as fatigue, weight changes, or irregular menstrual cycles.


Blood tests at home in Sharjah offer a valuable health monitoring solution, tailored to individual needs. Understanding the factors influencing their cost empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. It also ensures that the cost of the blood test aligns with the specific health objectives, enabling proactive management of one’s well being. 

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