How Much Does a Nurse at Home Cost in Dubai?

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While most people in Dubai try to live healthy and fulfilling lives, illnesses or injuries can occur. Some of these may not require hospitalization, which means finding a nurse at home is the best option. Of course, health is always a primary concern. So, you can’t just hire the first nursing service you come across. There are several additional factors to consider. The cost you will incur when you book a nurse at home in Dubai is a major factor. Read on to discover more about what you can expect from a competent in-home nursing service and how much it can cost you.  

What Do the Costs of a Nurse At Home Cover?

Generally speaking, a single nurse visit of one hour to your home in Dubai will cost you around AED 149. In most cases, this is a fee that only covers professional nursing and health services the nurse offers. The cost of medication, equipment, and other necessities is usually not part of the cost or fee you pay for the nurse. These can vary from patient to patient, taking into account several variables like the kind of illness, the age of the patient, and unusual allergies or conditions. Usually, you will either have to provide these yourself or pay extra to the at-home healthcare provider if they offer them.

How Much Is Elderly Care in Dubai?

At-home nursing services offer a cost-effective solution for elderly patients. With a starting price of AED 149, hiring a nurse at home for any elderly family members in your home suffering from a chronic or temporary illness can be a huge help. A home nurse is better able to take care of older patients, given the vast experience he/she has. The final cost of hiring a home nurse is contingent upon several factors, including the specific care requirements of the patient and the extent of their medical needs.

When it comes to 24/7 in-home care, the service charge typically begins at AED 19,000 per month, but this cost varies based on location, care level, specific services, and nurse qualifications. These flexible services cater to various healthcare needs, ensuring that patients receive personalized and comprehensive care in the comfort of their own homes.

Factors That Determine the Cost of At-Home Nursing

Getting home nursing in Dubai means you are utilizing a tertiary service. That means there will undoubtedly be an associated cost of a nurse at home. But there can also be additional factors that you need to consider before making a decision. In particular: these are very likely to impact the cost of the overall service: 

The Basic Service Fee 

You already saw in the last section that a single one-hour nursing visit to your home will cost at least AED 200. However, it is important to note that this is only the service fee for basic nursing. For visits longer than the scheduled 60 minutes, you will likely have to pay a higher fee. Additionally, for more complex nursing needs such as exercise, special food preparation, etc., you may incur additional expenses as well. Remember, the basic fee only covers a single visit. For frequent visits, you’ll have to pay for each session.

The Health Condition of the Patient 

It is also important to consider the condition the patient is in. This includes age, overall health, the condition they are in, and the kind of care they require. For example, a young individual with a temporary sport-related injury may not need constant attention. The nurse will likely monitor their progress, clean wounds or stitches to prevent infection, and offer help with physical exercises. However, for patients with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or even terminal conditions, the level of care and attention is obviously higher. Particularly if they already have underlying health conditions. This may usually involve more visits or at least longer ones. 

The Kind of Care the Patient Needs

When looking for in-home care services, it is very important to remember that all nurses are not the same in terms of expertise. Nurses go through specialized training and education to care for patients. Just like doctors, nurses specialize in different kinds of care. For example, some nurses may specialize in maternity care, helping mothers and newborn babies postpartum. Others may have experience with physiotherapy, and specialize in helping people recover from physical injuries like broken bones or spinal issues. Others, like licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, may offer care limited to checking vitals and ensuring the patient is adhering to their recovery plan. 

It is very important to consider the patient’s care needs since they will impact not just the number/length of visits, but also the type of nurse you choose. Therefore, it will play an important part in determining the cost of in-home care services.Β 

Staffing and Expertise 

The qualifications of a nurse can significantly impact the cost of in-home nursing services for elderly care. Highly qualified nurses with specialized skills typically come at a premium, but their expertise can enhance the overall quality of care. As a result, more qualified nurses tend to command higher fees, while less experienced or less specialized nurses may be more budget-friendly options. The choice between qualifications and cost must be carefully considered to ensure the best balance of care and affordability for elderly individuals in need.

Duration of Care

The duration of nurse care significantly impacts the overall cost of in-home nursing for elderly care in Dubai. Longer hours or extended care will result in higher expenses, as caregivers charge on an hourly or daily basis. Planning the required hours of care is essential for

Medication or Specialized Equipment 

Along with the patient’s condition, it is important to note that the medication and specialized equipment associated with that condition will usually not be part of the fee you pay for nursing services. You may have to provide the medication duly prescribed by a doctor yourself. Of course, as a non-medical professional, you may not have ready access to expensive medical equipment, so some services will provide them along with medication if needed. However, the service will typically bill you extra (over and above the basic fee) for the use of the equipment and medication.


When you find yourself in need of a nurse at home, remember that there are different types. Choose the one you or the patient in your home requires based on the above information. It is also prudent to only use reputable service providers to source them. Let ServiceMarket connect you with a nurse at home in Dubai, and save you a lot of trouble and uncertainty.

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