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If you are looking for an Abu Dhabi maintenance company for fixes around the house, look no further as we have partnered with licensed maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi. You can find the best maintenance and handyman companies on ServiceMarket. Be it some minor fix around the house, or a major pipe leak or wire failure, our professionals will be there in no time to help your household run smoothly without any issues. Just click the Book Now button and fill out the short form to get the best home repair services in Abu Dhabi.

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Maintenance Companies in Abu Dhabi

Maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi will provide you with a myriad of home repair services. You can book any service ranging from electrical work to machine installation to changing locks to making minor fixes around your apartment or villa in Abu Dhabi.

Experienced Professionals

All professionals working with us are trained and experienced to provide home repair services. An experienced professional is more likely to complete the job on time while maintaining quality in his work. Moreover, an experienced professional will be able to provide viable solutions to any home problems you might have with all the years of providing home services.

Types of Home Maintenance Services

Some of the services provided by home maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi include plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, changing locks, and painting. Home maintenance also includes all types of home repair and home improvement services. You can also get your bathroom or bedroom renovated through this service. From getting shelves fixed to getting your whole house remodeled, you can get a range of different services done from home maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi.

Cost of Home Maintenance Services in Abu Dhabi

Home maintenance companies normally charge by the hour. The professional visiting your place in Abu Dhabi will typically charge AED 100 - AED 130 per hour, depending on the number of hours you need the professional for. The higher the number of hours, the lower it will cost you per hour. Any additional parts required for completing the job will cost extra.

Frequently asked questions

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Home maintenance in Abu Dhabi includes basic maintenance and small fixes around the house that are required to keep the house running smoothly. Some popular home maintenance services are plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, painting, etc.

The three types of maintenance are:

  1. Corrective Maintenance
  2. Preventative Maintenance
  3. Predictive Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is maintenance done when some issue arises or something breaks. Preventative maintenance includes regular inspections of appliances and wiring etc. to ensure that everything is running smoothly in a household. Predictive maintenance is maintenance done in anticipation of an appliance breaking down and handling the issue timely.

The cost of maintenance services depends on two things: The amount of professional labor involved, and the materials and spare parts required to get the maintenance service done. On average, the service costs AED 129 per hour. However, the final price depends on the number of hours taken and on any extra materials required to complete the maintenance job.

Once you have booked the service online, we will arrange for one of our experienced professionals to deliver the service to you, at the date and time you asked for.
ServiceMarket only works with licensed maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi.

You can keep track of your bookings by logging in and checking out “My Bookings”.

Yes. You can make changes to or cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance by contacting us at or calling us at +971 4 4229639.

If you’ve booked the service online, you can conveniently pay online with your credit or debit card. Your card will only be charged after the service has been delivered. Alternatively, you can pay cash to the maintenance company professional upon service delivery.

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