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At ServiceMarket, you can find licensed international moving companies in Abu Dhabi that offer a hassle-free solution to your relocation needs. With their extensive experience and global network of partners, these international movers facilitate you to ensure you have a smooth relocation process. They handle all aspects of the move, from packing and documentation to customs clearance and transportation, ensuring a stress-free experience for their clients. These professionals understand the complexities of international moves and provide personalized solutions to suit specific requirements and timelines. These international moving companies not only offer relocation services across borders but also offer local moving services in Abu Dhabi and across other emirates.

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Tell us what you need
Tell us what you need

Describe the service you are looking for. We will match your request with the best international movers in Abu Dhabi that can help you in your relocation process.

Receive free quotes and select a company
Receive free quotes and select a company

Get quotes from international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. Compare rates, reviews and credentials before you hire your international relocation company.

Sit back and relax
Sit back and relax

Confirm the details of your move with the international moving company in Abu Dhabi you selected. Then sit back and relax while our movers & packers handle the moving process.

International movers in Abu Dhabi

Planning a move? We totally get how stressful a move can be, especially an international one! In addition to the physical move, you have to deal with all the documentation and calls to wind up everything. With so much going on, you will be needing all the help you can get! You can book the best international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi to facilitate your move transporting all of your belongings smoothly to your new home.

How can ServiceMarket help?

It is highly recommended that you book a reliable, accredited moving company in Abu Dhabi. It can be difficult and time-consuming to search for one and then book it. On ServiceMarket, you can find licensed moving and packing companies in Abu Dhabi. To ensure you are selecting the best moving company you can go through the reviews of real-time customers who have used the services of the company in the past. The booking process is fairly simple. You only have to fill out a quick international moving form after which we will get in touch with you for additional details. Soon enough you will have hired the best international movers in Abu Dhabi, ready to start your new life in your destination country. Booking licensed and accredited moving and packing companies is the best way to avoid hidden charges, damages and delays.

Things to expect when moving internationally

Moving abroad can be expensive so ideally it should be done in the most cost-effective way possible. First, you will have to choose between the type of service; door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port international moving service. Once the international moving company is hired in Abu Dhabi, the movers will send an agent to your home to survey your belongings. It is important to inform them what you will be moving and point out anything that you will be donating, selling or throwing away so that the agent can determine a fair quote for you. While your belongings might be covered for complete loss in the quote, find out whether you can get additional insurance coverage. You can even ask the international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi if they offer settling in services like furniture assembly and curtain hanging.

How much does international move in Abu Dhabi cost?

The cost of shipping depends on multiple factors, including;

• Weight and size of your cargo
• Type of international moving service
• Distance to destination
• Mode of shipping (land, air or sea)

For instance, the cost of moving 25CBM by sea to Saudi Arabia would approximately be from AED 12,000 to 18,500 while the same volume of cargo can cost you around AED 20,000 to 30,000 to ship to the USA. It is always recommended to ask for a complete breakdown of the international moving quote to ensure there are no hidden charges and you are being charged fairly for the move.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers quickly. Get back to doing what you love.

For an international move, movers and packers in Abu Dhabi can cost you between AED 15,000 to AED 25,000. The cost depends on several factors including your destination country, the size of your apartment or villa, whether there are any special requests for certain items that may be fragile etc.

The best international moving company will be able to cater to any kind of international move and will provide a solution for any kind of moving problem that might arise. Usually, relocation firms with experience tend to do better as they have the knowledge and resources to tackle any relocation or moving issues. ServiceMarket has the best international moving companies on its platform.

With all the right documents, immigration to the UAE or Abu Dhabi is fairly easy. So the key is to have all your documents ready when applying for the visa. Once you have the immigration visa, you can easily travel to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is an expensive place especially when you’re renting out a place. If you are renting out, accommodation can take up almost half your salary. Other expenses include utility bills, transportation, food etc. Petrol is comparatively cheaper so having your own mode of transport is more cost effective. When it comes to food, grocery can be expensive however there are all kinds of ready-to-eat foods you can buy that are not heavy on the pocket.

People living in Abu Dhabi typically earn around AED 20,000. In this amount you can expect to have a comfortable lifestyle in Abu Dhabi.

At ServiceMarket, we have the best international relocation companies in Abu Dhabi at one place for your ease. You can choose the one that will suit better to your requirements after comparing reviews, prices and other information about the company. You can also leave the decision making process to us and we can match you with the best relocation company for you.

After completing a short online form explaining what service you are looking for, we will send your information to licensed and professional international moving companies in Abu Dhabi asking for a quote. Within 24 hours, you will receive at least three quotes from selected companies. You can then compare the different quotes and customer reviews, and hire the international relocation company of your choice.

For some complex services, the ServiceMarket team will call you first to understand your request, budget and specific requirements a bit better. We then collect your personalized quotes from up to 5 companies, and send them to you.

No. Our service is free to all our customers. Once you have received your personalized quotes for international moving in Abu Dhabi, you have the freedom and flexibility to select a service provider that best suits your needs and purchase their services when you need it.

You can expect to receive quotes from around 3-5 international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

For household services such as painting, cleaning, and pest control, we recommend that you submit your request 3-5 days in advance.

Complex services have a longer lead time. We recommend 2-3 weeks for moving, storage, and car shipping requests to make sure your desired service provider is available on that date.

You can keep track of your quotes by logging in and checking out “My Quotes”.

You can pay the international moving company in Abu Dhabi directly after they’ve delivered the service to you.

International moving costs are calculated by taking into account various factors; whether the move is by air, land or sea, the weight of the shipment, labor costs etc.

The best moving company will be accredited by FIDI and will have good reviews online. With ServiceMarket you can hire the best moving companies in Abu Dhabi without any hassle.

International movers should be booked approximately 12 weeks in advance of when you would like to receive the shipment at your new destination.

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