An International Move: What You Can and Cannot Move Internationally

things not allowed during international moving abu dhabi

It can be very hectic to relocate to another country from Abu Dhabi. It becomes even more difficult with a high volume of luggage that needs to be transferred to your new home. The uncountable paraphernalia to pack can be very exhausting, particularly when you have many other vital chores to attend to. The documentation and paperwork, along with the goodbye meetings with friends and relatives will leave you little to no time to decide what to pack and what not to. 

This is the time when you need to hire an international moving company in Abu Dhabi. It will help make relocation much more effortless and straightforward for you.

International movers are licensed companies that can help you pack and move your stuff to your destination country.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of things you can and cannot pack before an international move.

List Of Things To Pack Before Moving

If you’ve never encountered the process of relocation to another country from Abu Dhabi, you’re most probably unaware of how overwhelming it is to pack the piles of stuff we own.

But don’t worry. The following checklist will help you pack wisely when transporting your belongings from Abu Dhabi to the country you are moving to.

●      Essential Documents

Documents including passport, IDs, visa, birth certificates, and other legal records are the main things you need to encase.

Foreign countries may have different rules and regulations for immigrants. Therefore, it is necessary to keep every document close at hand, along with photocopies of each. 

Most importantly, don’t forget the documents of family members who are your dependents i.e. parents, children, and/or spouse!

●      Medicines And Medical Reports

A first aid kit that includes medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and band-aids is essential. You must carry it with you at all times. Over-the-counter medicines are also allowed.

For any prescription medicines, for instance, if a member of your family suffers from a long-term disease that requires regular medication, it is best to keep the prescription with you. At times, the medicine won’t be available in the country you’re moving to. Therefore, you should purchase it in bulk amount for future use.

●      Clothes, Toiletries, And Electronics

Before packing your clothes, make sure you keep the ones that match the weather of your destination. You don’t want to freeze to death by wearing a tank top on your flight, do you?

Toiletries, like deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, are items that you can take in your hand carry.

In the case of electronics, phones, laptops, chargers, earphones, cameras, or sim cards are a necessity for everyone. You can easily carry them in your handbag when you are travelling to your destination country.

List Of Things Not To Pack Before Moving

If you hire international moving companies to relocate your stuff, you need to abide by the rules set by them.

The following is a list of prohibited items that cannot be packed in cargo:

●      Weapons, Drugs, And Intoxicants

Weapons are not allowed. Moreover, drugs such as narcotics are illegal, so it’s best to avoid keeping them.

●      Liquids And Spices

Liquid items are also prohibited to transport via cargo companies.

Similarly, spices and other pantries might not survive the long sea journey. They can be prone to insect, bacterial, and fungal attacks. Therefore, it’s desirable not to take them with you on such a long journey.

●      Radioactive, Inflammable, And Explosive Substances

Radioactive material may affect the material transported with them. Similarly, you must keep flammable substances such as nail varnish, petroleum, and matches away to avoid catching fire.

Explosives, including car batteries and petroleum, also lie in the category of forbidden items.

The Bottom Line

International moving is an arduous task, especially when you have to pack and move all by yourself. But this blog can rid you of the burden of deciding what to pack and what not to.

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