Moving from Abu Dhabi? Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

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Relocating from Abu Dhabi soon? Did you know that there are multiple reasons for not getting your full security deposit back from your landlord when you move out of a rented house? Some or all of it might be kept in case your did you meet any of your contractual obligations as a tenant. For example, if you don’t return the home in its original state, your landlord can keep some of it for booking repair and painting services in Abu Dhabi. This guide by the moving experts at ServiceMarket will help you understand the cases in which your landlord can deduct money from the security deposit, which is usually five percent of the annual rent, and the steps you can take to get the full amount back.

Check the notice period 

If you’ve decided to move, make sure you inform your landlord as per the notice period specified in your tenancy contract. You landlord can keep some or all of your security deposit if you inform them at the last moment. After all, your landlord might need some time to advertise the properly and find a new tenant. 

Document the original condition of the house 

When you move out of the apartment or house you were renting, you must return it to the landlord in its original condition It’s recommended that you document the state of the home before it is rented with photographs and written descriptions. This way it would be easier to determine whether or not the house is being returned in its original state. In case your landlord points out something that was damaged when you moved in, you can just show them the photograph you took earlier.  

Paint and repair the house yourself 

Another reason your landlord may not return the security deposit is because you have damaged the walls or other areas of the house. From replacing broken windows to repairing damaged walls, there might be multiple tasks. In case the condition of the house deteriorated significantly while you were living there, consider hiring maintenance and painting services in Abu Dhabi yourself because it may cost you less than the amount your landlord will deduct. You can make all this affordable by comparing quotes through ServiceMarket.  

Be sure to inform all service providers in advance so that they can switch off all services when you move out and send you the final bills.

If you aren’t able to come to an amicable agreement with your landlord regarding a security deposit dispute, you can bring the matter to the authorities. Don’t forget to register for Tawtheeq which regulates the relationship between tenants and landlords in Abu Dhabi.

You can book professional maintenance and painting services in Abu Dhabi through ServiceMarket to help you take care of your home before your final walk through with the landlord. You can also read customer reviews to make an informed decision. Comparison shopping while hiring international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi can also help you save a significant amount of money.

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