Checklist for an International Move From Abu Dhabi

Checklist when moving from Abu Dhabi

Although Abu Dhabi is home to people from different ethnicities, expats frequently move from Abu Dhabi to other countries, mostly due to work opportunities.

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Checklist for Moving From Abu Dhabi

Be it a local or an international move, it’s always better to keep a to-do list as your companion throughout the journey just to avoid any discomfort and to keep your sanity intact. Subsequently, we have further eased down the process for you by creating a list for you to just check off and enjoy an effortless relocation.

1. Give Notice to the Landlord

As soon as you decide to leave Abu Dhabi, you should immediately contact your landlord and negotiate with him/her on the amount required to cease your tenancy. Once the notice ends, you will also have to provide the tenancy clearance certificate, along with the proof of payment of all your utility bills.

2. Clear Utility Bills

The next important step would be paying all your utility bills, including those of gas, cooling, and TV services, and disconnecting them all just before moving. This can easily be done online by visiting the Abu Dhabi Distribution website and the entire process would take about 2-4 working days.

3. Sell/Dispose off Unnecessary Belongings

All those possessions that you no longer need, simply put them up for sale on an e-commerce website. If selling is not an option, you can also donate some of your reusable stuff to a trusted charity in Abu Dhabi. However, if you have any worn-out junk, just dispose of it by booking a bulk waste collection service.

4. Pack All the Necessary Belongings

Before moving all your necessary belongings, you should make sure that you organize and pack them effectively; gather all the packing supplies beforehand, align all liked items together, Mark all your cartons, and so forth.

5. Hire Movers and Packers

Packing is a pretty daunting experience if done all alone and it becomes all the more stressful when you’re relocating. However, you now need not worry as ServiceMarket can provide you quotes on some of the best movers and packers available in Abu Dhabi. So, log on to the website, book a service, and experience a stress-free relocation.

6. Obtain Your Kid’s School Leaving Certificate

If you have a school-going kid, you should ask his/her school to issue you a school-leaving certificate as proof for years of study in school in Abu Dhabi.

7. Close Bank Accounts

Typically, to close a bank account, you fill out an application form, withdraw all your funds, return all your cards and checkbooks, and then wait for confirmation. However, you should still consult your respective bank for more specific requirements for the process.

8. Sell/Ship the Car

You can either sell it yourself by taking a picture of your vehicle and posting it on various e-commerce portals or you can simply contact a car dealer who’d buy it at a reduced price and handle the rest. 

On the contrary, if you want to move your four-wheeled companion to where you relocate, you can simply book a car shipping service now!

9. Transfer Your UAE Number

Canceling your UAE number before leaving is a crucial step as the timing should be spot on. During the moving process, you need to make constant calls for coordinating everything, and using a home-country service is quite costly, so transfer your number wisely.

10. Cancel Your Visa

Your sponsor, be it a family member or an employer, can cancel your residence visa either through a registered typing center or online.

Final Takeaway

Relocation is a tedious process in itself. Having several things on your mind may lead you to forget significant tasks of the process. Therefore, having a checklist in place is highly important, and we’ve already done the work for you.

Moreover, random movers and packers cannot be trusted with your valuable belongings and so,  ServiceMarket is here to your rescue with its trustworthy professionals who can provide you with a hassle-free moving experience from Abu Dhabi at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Book the best international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi now!

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