How Can I Sell My Furniture When Moving From Abu Dhabi?

selling furniture when moving from Abu Dhabi

Moving from Abu Dhabi to a new country altogether is pretty tiresome and packing all your belongings for it is even more daunting. However, decluttering all your stuff is the first step in that direction. Additionally, international movers cost quite a lot for huge bulky furniture. So it’s better to take only what you desperately need and leave the ’baggage’ behind.

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Nevertheless, selling the furniture you can’t take is an effective way of disposing of any unnecessary items. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to successfully sell your furniture when moving from Abu Dhabi.

Ask Your Family/Friends 

You might have heard the phrase β€˜family first’. However, when it comes to getting rid of your furniture, you should prioritize your family/relatives first. Ask them around if they need anything from the things you acquire. You can also spread the word to your friends’ circle and sell them the furniture they need at discounted prices. Only after doing this, should you resort to other furniture-selling ways.

Set Up an Exhibition 

Since most expats living in Abu Dhabi reside in apartments, setting up a successful exhibition at your place is fairly easy. You’ll have plenty of people from within your community to look at your furniture, increasing the chances of buying what they like. 

The question now is, how to notify your neighborhood? Well, you can put up a notice inside your building mentioning the date and time of the exhibition. This way anybody interested can stop by to check out your pre-loved stuff and make some purchases out of the steal deals you have to offer.

Nevertheless, if you reside in a villa, you can also set up a garage sale. All you need to do is price your furniture, move it down the house, and put up big enough price tags on it for actual buyers and passersby to look at and reach a decision.

Moreover, make sure that you do not hike the prices too much and brace yourself for some haggling as well.

Sell It Online

With the coronavirus on the go, there has been a boom in the digital world and online selling. Therefore, selling your furniture virtually is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of it. Below are the ways that can help you sell your stuff online.

  • Mend if required

Fix your furniture pieces before you put them on sale, e.g., if there’s a rickety, rusty chair, paint it, if there’s a lamp that doesn’t light up, rewire it. Nobody wants to buy a useless piece of furniture so beware and mend it.

  • β€œPrice” it up

Make sure to price the items wisely: less than the actual retail price because after all, they’re second-hand but not too low as you might have to hire a moving company to deliver the furniture to the new owner’s place.

All in all, while keeping all the costs in mind, make sure the price is affordable enough as your motive is to sell the item, not hold onto it!

  • Click good photos

Keep in mind that pictures of your furniture would be the primary deciding factor of the buyer’s purchase, so make sure to take them in daylight and from multiple angles and be honest in what you have to offer.

  • Find the right online portal

Conduct some research and decide on the portal where you actually want to find a buyer for your possessions. Dubizzle is one such forum where you can sell all your pre-loved furniture to potential buyers in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, there is also a plethora of Facebook groups created for this purpose. You can spot trustworthy buyers there and sell your furniture to them. So, get ready to declutter your house before you make the big international move.

Sell It off to a Furniture/Recycling Company

If your relocation is in a few days, and selling furniture online is too much of a task for you, you can also contact vendors in Abu Dhabi that buy second-hand stuff and sell it off at lower prices. 

Moreover, if you’re all pro-environment, you can also sell it off to a recycling company that will put this stuff to much better use.

Nonetheless, using this option also means selling your furniture at a lower rate as these companies would want their margin too when selling it off to potential buyers.

Final Takeaway 

To summarize it all, if you try using the above-mentioned ways while selling your pre-used furniture, you certainly will be successful in the mission. However, if you’re short on time, instead of selling, you can also donate some of it to various charity organizations or contact FreeCycle and let them do the grind.

If there is still some furniture that you want to take with you to your new home, you can book furniture movers in Abu Dhabi from ServiceMarket and they can help make your relocation easier.

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