10 Essential Repairs Your Handyman Can Handle in Abu Dhabi

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In Abu Dhabi, handymen are also called maintenance workers or technicians. They are certified professionals skilled in a wide range of repairs, including carpentry, electrical work, TV mounting, etc.  

Historically, a handyman’s job was considered less prestigious. With time, and the emergence of large-scale chains and professional handyman services in Abu Dhabi, people have started to recognize that a handyman requires a lot of technical skills and knowledge. 

This blog sheds light on the essential tasks your handyman can handle for you. 

Electrical Repairs

Attempting electrical repairs yourself can be dangerous and may escalate the problem. Therefore, you should hire a professional for the job. They are well-versed in different electrical restoration tasks. An electrician performs electrical work, like repairing out-of-order toasters to installing chandeliers. They also help install switches, transformers, and sockets and are experts in setting up home entertainment centers. 

Mounting and Installing TV

TV is an expensive item and should be handled with utmost care and expertise. A handyman has the right tools to mount and install your TV, regardless of the size and type. Whether you need a fixed or articulating wall mount, a professional can help you with any type.  

Assembling Furniture 

A professional handyman can help you assemble your newly bought furniture and disassemble furniture when moving. You do not have to waste time, and energy trying to figure out the complicated process on your own. 

Hanging Curtains 

By hiring a handyman for any interior work, you can get the look you want. They can hang and install all sorts of curtains securely. They ensure that there are not many drilled holes in the wall and there is no damage to the windows. A professional handyman usually has the best tools, ladders, and other important things to perform this task smoothly. 

AC Maintenance and Repair 

The temperature in Abu Dhabi is typically warm, and air conditioners are frequently used. If you do not get proper maintenance of the AC on time, it may not function at the optimal level. Certified handymen can help you with AC installation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning. 


In Abu Dhabi, due to hot temperatures, walls absorb heat which causes the color to fade, and the texture to change. Moisture causes the paint to peel off or get discolored. As for the interior walls, mold is a common issue that damages the paint. So, skilled handymen with expertise in painting can offer effective solutions to all such paint issues, whether you live in an apartment or a villa. They can provide a new look to your home with their amazing craftsmanship. Just choose the right color scheme and finishing material you want and leave the rest to the experts. 


From building new furniture to floor and window work, professional handymen who are trained carpenters can handle any carpentry request for you. They also take custom orders where you can specify your requirements, and they use the right tools and techniques to deliver accordingly. 


Plumbing problems can damage your furniture, rugs, and walls. It is better to avail of handyman services as soon as you see an issue. The longer you wait to call a professional to look at the issue, the worse it can get. You can hire skilled plumbers for issues such as burst pipes, leaky faucets, clogged drains, and bathroom fixture installations. 


Has it ever happened that you accidentally locked yourself out of your place and do not know what to do? Get a vetted locksmith to handle all sorts of lock issues. However, always ensure that you are hiring a reliable service for the task related to your home’s safety.

Changing Light Fixtures Bulbs and Spotlights 

With the help of a professional handyman, you can have any kind of lighting and as many as you need. They will install lightbulbs and spotlights with care and precision, so there are no hazards due to bare and exposed wiring. Moreover, expert services also ensure your interior is not ruined. 


Skilled handymen can greatly assist anyone looking to get different tasks done around the house. Their expertise ranges from carpentry to plumbing to installing lighting systems, and more. 

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