10 Home Cleaning Tools You Must Have in Your Dubai Home

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Dubai is notorious for hot, and dusty weather, which necessitates frequent home cleaning. Having the right cleaning tools makes things so much easier. That does not mean you would not require a maid service Dubai has to offer, from time to time, for so many other chores.   

In this blog, uncover ten necessary cleaning tools for keeping your home spotless and welcoming.

Vacuum Cleaner

Living in Dubai means dealing with dust, which is a challenge. Thus, a vacuum cleaner is essential to keep carpets and floors clean. Opt for one that offers strong suction and comes equipped with a range of attachments. This way, handling cleaning tasks across different surfaces and tricky nooks will become effortless.

In the world of vacuum cleaners, there are some great choices, each tailored to specific needs:

Carpet Cleaner Machine

Specifically crafted for carpets, this machine delivers a thorough and comprehensive clean. No more stains or embedded dirt, as it revives carpets, leaving them looking fresh and practically new.

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

 A tall upright vacuum with its bagless design and robust suction power takes on various floors with ease, ensuring effective cleaning.

Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filtration

For those prioritizing allergy management and indoor air quality in Dubai, the canister vacuum with HEPA filtration is ideal. Armed with high quality filtration, it efficiently captures allergens and fine particles, ensuring a cleaner living space.

Cordless Stick Vacuum

With its flexibility, this vacuum is perfect for small corners and quick cleanups. Dubai homes often have compact designs, making it the best choice for reaching nooks and corners with ease.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Effortlessly nabbing dust and grime particles, microfiber cleaning cloths prove to be a highly effective solution. Particularly in Dubai’s dry climate, these cloths are effective at giving surfaces a spotless finish without any streaks. Plus, their reusable and eco-friendly features bring a sustainable addition to everyday cleaning routine.

Steam Cleaner

Elevate your cleaning game with a steam cleaner – a promising investment for a thorough cleanse. Whether it is floors, tiles, or kitchen appliances, this versatile tool not only tackles filth, but also eliminates bacteria and allergens, ensuring a healthier living space in Dubai.

All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

A quick and efficient solution for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces, an all-purpose cleaning spray is your ally in the battle against germs. For optimal results, look for a formula with antibacterial properties, especially in high functioning areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Dustpan and Brush Set

Though a vacuum cleaner works well for bigger areas, a set of dustpan and a brush is better for speedy cleanups and getting into tight corners. To efficiently remove dust and debris from surfaces, select a set featuring a robust dustpan and strong bristles.


In Dubai, where glass surfaces often contend with sand and grit, achieving and maintaining pristine surfaces necessitates the use of a squeegee. Whether on shower doors, mirrors, or windows, a squeegee effectively removes water without leaving unsightly tracks. For optimal results, go for a high-quality squeegee equipped with a rubber blade.

Dust Mop

The purpose of dust mops is to collect dust particles without dispersing them. These mop heads are ideal for hard floors, such as marble or tile ones. Dust mops are easy to maneuver, providing an efficient way to keep your floors dust-free.

Toilet Brush and Cleaner

Ensuring a clean bathroom is paramount, making a reliable toilet brush a must-have. Select a brush with durable bristles and pair it with a potent cleaning solution to keep your bathroom consistently germ-free and thoroughly sanitized.

Gloves and Masks

When handling cleaning chemicals or any personal protective equipment, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Wearing gloves and a mask serves as a precautionary measure, especially when dealing with potent cleaning or disinfecting solutions. Uphold your safety standards while effectively maintaining a clean and healthy home.

Storage Caddy

Organize and make your cleaning supplies easily accessible with a storage caddy. You can move your basics from room to room with this foldable container, speeding up the cleaning procedure. Select a caddy that has sections so that your tools are organized properly.


All these tools are only beneficial when used right. However, not everyone has all these tools, nor the time due to busy work and family commitments. Whatever the case may be for you, the good news is that you have the option to get home cleaning services Dubai when you need them. 

Simply go to the ServiceMarket website and book a service as per your schedule. Our trained professionals will come to you equipped with all the required tools, and cleaning products.

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