10 Home Remedies for Oily Skin in Dubai

Salon at Home for oily skin in dubai

Given the intense heat and humidity in Dubai, a monthly salon-at-home session is not enough, especially if you have oily skin. After just a few days, you start to notice increased shine, larger pores, black or white heads, and a higher chance of acne. In such a scenario, your skin requires daily care. However, those with busy schedule may still need the help of home salon services Dubai has to offer, including a variety of specialist skin treatments catered to this skin type.

Explore ten effective home remedies that should be part of your skincare regimen.

Micellar Water Cleansing

Start your skincare routine with micellar water, a gentle yet powerful cleansing solution. This product manages excess oil, debris, and impurities, leaving your skin looking refreshed and radiant. For optimum results, choose a micellar water solution tailored specifically to your skin type.

Witch Hazel Toner

Incorporate witch hazel into your skincare routine in place of your typical toner. This plant extract is well known for its capacity to control oil production, reduce inflammation, and refine pores. After cleansing, apply it with a cotton pad onto your skin for best results and a matte finish. Additionally, it can act as a primer for your skincare regimen.

Salicylic Acid for Exfoliation

Include a salicylic acid-containing gentle exfoliation in your skincare regimen. This beta-hydroxy acid efficiently removes extra oil, unclogs pores, and stops pimples from appearing. Try to avoid very dry skin by only exfoliating two or three times a week.

Aloe Vera Gel for Soothing

Aloe vera gel, a naturally calming substance, does wonders for soothing skin. For best effects, apply a thin layer of pure aloe vera gel gently to reduce inflammation and redness, which are often associated with oily skin. This mild treatment is especially beneficial after sun exposure.

Clay Masks for Oil Absorption

Treat your skin to a clay mask once a week to help it absorb extra oil and pollutants. Choose kaolin or Bentonite clay masks; they are made especially for those with oily skin. Use a tiny quantity, let it dry, and then rinse it off to have a toned and refreshed complexion. Your skin will feel renewed and revitalized if you stick to this skincare routine.

Spot Treatment with Tea Tree Oil

As a focused therapy for oily and acne-prone skin, utilizing the strong antibacterial properties of tea tree oil works well. It is possible to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process by immediately applying diluted tea tree oil mixed with a carrier oil to flaws. Tea tree oil has several uses in skincare, and this method helps to make the complexion look more radiant.

Oil-Free Moisturizers for Hydration

Oily skin types can benefit greatly from these moisturizers, which are made to provide the skin with essential moisture without clogging pores. The skin feels refreshed and nourished after using these formulae because they don’t include any oils, which helps maintain the proper balance of moisture. Whether you prefer an oil-free texture or have naturally oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer can help you stay hydrated without compromising a clean, comfortable feeling on your skin.

Green Tea for Antioxidant Boost

With its high antioxidant content, green tea is great for oily skin. Make a cup, let it cool, and use it as a facial toner in your skincare regimen. It can also be used with clay to make a revitalizing mask. Green tea’s antioxidants actively fight free radicals to give you a complexion that is healthier and more vibrant.

Consistent Sun Protection

After completing your skincare routine, slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Using sunscreen is essential in Dubai’s sunny climate, protecting your skin from damaging UV rays and delaying the start of premature aging signs. Choose sunscreen products without oil if you want to keep your skin looking matte, reducing extra shine.

Oil-Controlled Diet

Consider using a diet that controls oil production as a way to properly manage oily skin from the inside out. Eat a range of fruits and vegetables and other high-antioxidant foods, but limit your intake of processed and high-fat foods. Maintaining proper hydration levels are essential for healthy skin overall.


These remedies work incredibly well at managing oily skin, only when done regularly. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, keeping up with a skincare routine can be challenging. Fortunately, home service salon in Dubai offer a simple solution to make your life easier.

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