10 Pests to Look Out for in Your New Dubai Home

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The city’s climate and urban landscape create conditions for potential infestation challenges that require timely intervention, such as pest control. Practicing good hygiene, maintaining a clean living environment, and promptly addressing any signs of infestation can go a long way. However, if you see infestation, it is advised to book pest control in Dubai, so that it can be contained and eradicated before it spreads. 

Common Pests Infesting Dubai Homes

To maintain a pest-free property, make sure to keep an eye out for these pests:


Thriving in new homes, cockroaches gravitate toward moisture-rich areas. They easily establish in both interior and exterior damp, sheltered environments like flowerbeds, garages, kitchens, and bathrooms. Materials containing cellulose, notably cardboard and paper, serve as magnets for these pests. The presence of such materials during construction can act as a lure, significantly contributing to the development of cockroach problems.

Bed Bugs

If someone staying in infested accommodations or using public transportation visits a new home, bed bugs can be inadvertently introduced. Likewise, if neighboring homes or apartments have bed bugs, there is a risk of these pests migrating into a new home through wall voids, electrical outlets, or shared plumbing. It is advised to call a pest control professional to thoroughly inspect the home for any infestations.


Overhanging vegetation, piles of leaves, and unmanaged outdoor spaces can attract ants, providing a bridge for them to enter the home. Ants may establish nests in and around the new home, especially in soil, potted plants, or wall voids. Similarly, new homes with conducive nesting environments can attract ant colonies. Certain ant species are specifically drawn to wooden structures of new homes.


Unlike the common belief that termites only infest old or decaying wood, they are equally content in consuming fresh wooden studs or foundations of new homes. Direct contact between wooden components of the home and the soil can create an entry point for termites. Proper construction practices, like using termite-resistant materials, can help in mitigating risks.


Unscreened doors and windows become entry points for mosquitoes. Especially in new homes without adequate insect screening, this can potentially lead to increased mosquito activity. To mitigate this, it is advisable to enlist the services of pest control professionals for a thorough inspection. Moreover, attention should be directed to leftover construction debris, which, if not promptly removed, has the potential to accumulate water and create conducive conditions for mosquito breeding both within and around the home.


Certain fly species are attracted to damp or moist environments. Leaks, spills, or humid conditions in new homes can create favorable conditions for flies. Moreover, inadequate hygiene, damaged screens, and gaps in windows and doors that are not properly sealed can result in infestations of houseflies.

Rats and Mice

Without swift removal, residual construction materials or debris can provide shelter and nesting sites for rats and mice. Additionally, the accumulation of water in and around the home serves as an attraction for rodents, with leaks or insufficient drainage systems fostering favorable conditions for infestations. Therefore, it is advisable to have professionals thoroughly examine the new home before you move in.


Spiders thrive in new homes, favoring undisturbed areas like basements and corners. While most spiders are harmless, addressing potential habitats and ensuring proper ventilation can contribute to a spider-free environment in new homes.


Found in dark and warm spaces like basements and corners, scorpions tend to take shelter in new homes. Scorpions feed on insects, and if there is an abundance of other pests around, it can attract scorpions seeking a food source.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps tend to live around new homes, nesting in eaves and roof overhangs. Certain flowering plants, shrubs, or trees near the home can attract bees and wasps, providing them with a readily available source of nectar. Furthermore, new homes with construction gaps or poorly sealed entry points may be more susceptible.

Maintaining a Pest-Free Home 

Once settled in, prioritize cleanliness. Make sure to have regular inspections by professionals to seal entry points, address leaks, and eliminate standing water. Moreover, proper storage and disposal of construction materials discourages pests, while installing screens on doors and windows helps keep flying insects out. 

While Dubai offers an unparalleled living experience, being proactive in pest prevention is essential to maintaining a clean and comfortable home. So, in case of persistent pest issues, seek assistance for effective and swift solution. Visit the ServiceMarket website to get the best pest control service in Dubai. We only send highly trained, and certifiedΒ professionals to take care of your needs.

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