3 Things to Know Before Hiring Movers and Packers

Movers in Dubai can come to your service at a very crucial time – moving houses can prove to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, because while you are excited about moving into a new home, you feel a tug at your heart every time you think about all the fond memories you are leaving behind. This, together with the physical stress of actually moving out of one house and into the new one, can take a toll on many, which is why people choose to hire movers in Dubai to assist them in the process.

Before you actually hire any movers, here are three things you ought to know:

  1. Schedule your move during off-peak times to get the best service. Try not to schedule your move at the start or end of a month, because this is probably going to be the busiest time for movers in Dubai. The ideal time to shift into your home is somewhere around the middle of the month. If you’re still bent on sticking to a predetermined date in your head, then also consider this: if your movers have already scheduled their clients in and are trying to squeeze you into the last possible slot, the company may send over the least experienced members to help you out. Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to have the most trained workers dealing with your move, but they are going to be of little use if they’re finally showing up to your place after an entire day on the job.
  1. Talk to your movers. One thing many people fail to do is ask their movers what a convenient time slot for them is. I mean, since you’re paying them, it makes sense for them to work according to your convenience, right? Well, not always. Here’s the reason: if you give your movers in Dubai a date and time that suits you, there’s no knowing whether or not they are already pre-booked for that slot. And if they are, chances are that you may be made to wait while they get done with clients who booked earlier, which is going to upset your schedule. If you want to make sure that you get the best possible service with a trained crew’s undivided attention, the ideal thing to do would be to ask them clearly when they are free to provide this service to you. ServiceMarket manages multiple movers operating in Dubai and can help you connect with the right one for your needs and convenience.
  1. A quick search won’t hurt! Don’t just go for those movers in Dubai who offer the lowest rates – do your homework to find out what those rates actually include, and choose those who offer you the most useful services at a competitive rate. For example, do they pack up and load your belongings for you into their own trucks, but ask you to pay for fuel and packing materials? Do they offer you a lower rate for the same services if you move during those aforementioned relatively calm times, like the middle of the week? Basically, even if you think you are getting a very good deal and saving yourself a few hundred dirhams, you might end up rethinking that when you find out that this rate doesn’t include a service you desperately need. At ServiceMarket, our customers have left reviews for many of the moving companies in Dubai, so you can be at peace when you choose one that suits your needs

Happy moving!

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