5 Benefits of Getting Gel Nails in Dubai

Benefits of builder gel nails

Gel nails became an instant hit in Dubai the moment they appeared on the salons’ menu. Today, as you book a service for getting gel nails at home, you don’t have to worry about the size or shape of your nails. Just about anyone can flaunt intricate designs! Nail technicians these days use builder gel to add strength to the client’s nails. The lasting results are one of the benefits of builder gel nails making them a popular choice.

You can get these shiny, chip-free gel nail extensions at home in gorgeous shades and get a beautiful, lasting look.Β 

What Are the Benefits of Gel Extensions?

Knowing the benefits of gel extensions can help you determine if the treatment will fit your needs. Let’s see why gel nails are so great:

1: Easy Application and RemovalΒ 

Gel nails are super easy to apply. The application procedure is pretty much similar to a traditional manicure. However, the results won’t disappoint you! A liquid formula is applied directly to your natural nails. Then, your nails are cured under a UV or LED lamp and the process is not long.

Like their application, removing gel nails isn’t that hard. Once you get a hang of it, you can master removing them at home. You simply have to be extra careful.

2:Β Shorter Drying TimeΒ 

The most tedious part of a manicure is waiting for the nails to dry up. A good thing is that gel nails work differently. Gel polish is normally applied with 3 coats (base, color polish, and top coat). Once the polish is applied, the nails go into a curing (drying) process. 

Curing is done with an LED/UV light and the drying time is about two minutes per coat. Once the curing is complete, the manicure dries up and you are left with solid nails that won’t smudge or chip. 

3: They Last LongerΒ 

Unlike traditional manicures, gel nails last for a long time. They are capable of lasting for up to two weeks. However, the exact lifespan of gel manicures varies greatly with individual care. Getting a touch-up and reapplication of the top coat will protect the polish and make your nails last even longer.

4: Natural Look and Feel

Gel nails have a natural look and feel. Since a thin layer of gel polish is applied, it gives some room for the nails to bend. Also, no artificial add-ons are used. Once your application procedure is complete and your nails are all dried up, the nails feel extremely light.

5: Lucious ShineΒ 

Another great quality of gel nails is that they have a brilliant shine that doesn’t become dull. Once the top coat of the manicure dries, it looks like a glossy shell. The color looks radiant and ever-shining because the formula used in the gel keeps the color from losing its shine. Your nails get a wet finishing that lasts for a long time and creates the impression that your nails are freshly painted.  

The Benefits of Builder Gel Nails Are Great. What About Their Drawbacks?

The finishing and longevity of gel nails are great but they do have a couple of drawbacks.

They Are Expensive

Gel nails have a higher price tag compared to acrylic nails. Plus, you have to get them done by a professional. However, they require less maintenance and they last for a long time.

Exposure to UV Light May Be DamagingΒ 

Gel polish requires placing your hand under UV light. Too much radiation exposure can be harmful to the skin. It’s recommended to take precautions while exposing your skin to harmful rays. Applying sunscreen or wearing manicure gloves can help. 


Now that you are completely aware of the gel nail polish advantages and disadvantages, you can make a quick decision about booking this manicure. Because you deserve a break to have some β€œme time” to unwind and enjoy the benefits of builder gel nails to the max. After your session, you won’t just feel rejuvenated but also have stunning nails.

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