5 DIY Masks to Get Salon-Like Hair Services at Home in Dubai

hair services at home

The weather in Dubai can often be harsh on the hair. DIY hair masks are fun and easy. If you are having a bad hair day, you can care for your hair at home without expensive treatments. Fortunately, with simple DIY hair masks, you can get results similar to professional hair services at home and tame your hair. 

All you need are some common pantry ingredients and you are ready to make hair masks that can solve most hair problems. Most of these mask recipes don’t require too much preparation time. You can prepare these masks in a few minutes’ time and give yourself quality hair services at home without any hassle.

Give Yourself Hair Services at Home with Easy DIY Masks 

Continued exposure to dry weather, dyes, and heat styling can take a toll on the hair. Your hair may lose its natural bounce, shine, and volume and may end up with split ends.  

But you can solve most of these hair problems at home with the following DIY hair masks and restore your hair: 

1: Moisturizing Hair Mask

One of the easiest types of hair masks with hair moisturizing benefits is the coconut oil hair mask. If your hair feels dry and frizzled, this oil is one of the simplest yet effective treatments. You do not need any other ingredients for its preparation. 

Just microwave 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for a few seconds and apply to damp hair and massage. Leave this homemade hair mask for frizzy hair overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Your hair will feel moisturized and will be frizz-free.  

2: Mask for Dull Hair

If your hair appears dull and you need a quick fix, a hair mask with equal parts honey, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar can bring back the lost shine. Just mix the three ingredients and your hair mask is ready. This hair mask has dual benefits as it moisturizes your hair and rejuvenates their natural shine as well.   

Gently apply this blend to your hair while avoiding scalp or roots. After 20 to 30 minutes, wash the mask off with shampoo. You will notice shinier and healthier hair.  

3: Greasy Hair Remedial Mask 

For people whose hair often gets greasy, one of the best beauty hacks is to apply the egg and lemon hair mask. To make this, you need one egg white and half a lemon. Mix the two ingredients well and apply them to your hair from roots to tips. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour before finally washing out your hair.

Note: Do not use hot water, instead of shampoo your hair with cold water. 

4: Scalp Soothing Mask 

The use of hair products and dyes can sometimes irritate your scalp. An easy way to get rid of this irritation is to use green tea and apple cider vinegar hair mask. 

Prepare a cup of warm green tea, and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Also, you may add a few drops of essential oil of your liking. Slowly pour it into your scalp and dry hair, and make sure you cover the whole scalp. After 5 to 10 minutes, wash your hair. It will soothe your scalp. You can try this mask for itching and inflammation.

5: Nourishing Mask for Damaged Hair

For hydration, restoring shine, and preventing split ends, a yogurt, egg, and coconut oil hair mask is ideal. You will see clear results after a single use. 

Mix a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and an egg for making this hair mask. Work it on your scalp and hair. Wait for an hour before washing it with shampoo. After every use, you can see a clear difference in your hair. Apply this mask weekly for better overall hair health.


By using these easy-to-make hair masks, you can solve different hair issues. Make these recipes and give yourself hair services at home like a pro. These recipes will help you resolve most of your hair problems. And the best part is that you are not using any chemicals. So, do give them a try.

If you are not confident about making these masks yourself or want a more professional service, book hair services at home on ServiceMarket.