5 Home Salon Services for Facial Treatments in Abu Dhabi

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Women’s salon at-home services like facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, etc., are getting quite popular in Abu Dhabi, especially after the pandemic. Most facial treatments are available as home salon services from top professional salons and skincare experts.Β 

If you book a facial at home in Abu Dhabi you can get a salon-like experience while avoiding the tiring commute in the summer heat. But before you book one, read on to learn about some of the best facial treatments available.

Types of Facial Home Salon Services in Abu Dhabi

Each facial treatment is different and is made to address a specific skin concern. For instance, some facials work best for dull and dry skin because they are ultra-hydrating. On the other hand, some are ideal for aging skin. Moreover, some facials require specialized equipment and you can only get them in a salon setting. So, if you aren’t sure what salon facial at home to opt for, here are some types:

1: Skin Cleansing

If you are looking for a simple treatment that doesn’t break the bank, then a skin cleansing facial can be ideal for you. Women with any skin type can get cleansing regularly for healthier-looking skin. The facialist will ask you about your skin type before they start and adjust the cleanser type accordingly.Β 

A skin cleansing session can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and isn’t rigorous or harsh on your skin. You can also add a scrub and a shoulder massage to get the complete pampering treatment.  

2: Herbal Facial

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid irritating ingredients like parabens, fragrances, denatured alcohol, or essential oils. A herbal facial uses all-natural scrubs, massage creams, and masks which have lower chances of irritating the skin. The facial can last anywhere between 45-60 minutes and usually includes a relaxing shoulder massage. It will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and safe from toxins and free radicals. You can also add a herbal polisher to the deal if you are looking to add some extra glow to your skin. 

Pro Tip: Tell the esthetician in advance if you have any allergies. 

3: Casmara Facial

Casmara is a well-known skincare brand with a large variety of facial kits. You can choose one based on your skin type and major concern. For example, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and fine lines, dehydrated or tight skin, redness, uneven skin tone, etc. Most home service salons in Abu Dhabi may also offer skin consultations before you decide which Casmara facial to get. So, you don’t have to take that decision yourself and can leave it to the experts.

4: Dr. Renaud Facial 

Dr. Renaud’s facial is one of the best treatments available for aging, dry, and dehydrated skin. If your main skin concerns are hyperpigmentation, dull complexion, skin discoloration, and fine lines, Dr. Renaud’s facial treatments can help you out. The facialists are specially trained and will make you feel like a queen. Dr. Renaud’s facial treatments give almost instantaneous results and are suitable for all skin types.Β 

5: Hydrating Facial Treatment

Hydrating your skin and locking the moisture in is essential if you live in Abu Dhabi. The sun is harsh and the UVA and UVB radiations can damage your skin. The Hydrating facial can fix even the most dehydrated skin. The duration is almost an hour and the facial can help your skin regain its freshness and give it a rosy glow.Β 


Skincare is self-care and a good facial can help you relax after a tiring day. However, you should only hire professional facialists for home salon services. Not every salon will have experts on board and may not know how to deal with acne-prone, overly dry, or sensitive skin. You can get in touch with ServiceMarket to get professionals from a reliable salon at home in Abu Dhabi. They only have vetted companies on board and can help set up an appointment at your convenience.

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