5 Home Salon Treatments to Try This Year

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If you can not find time to visit a salon in Abu Dhabi, you can always take advantage of salon at home services. From facials, makeup, and hairstyling to nail art and massages, every other ladies salon near you in Abu Dhabi is offering home services now. Let’s explore five salon treatments that you must try in 2024.

Personalized Facials

Abu Dhabi’s climate can be demanding on the skin, and personalized facial treatments tailored to individual skin types and concerns are gaining popularity. In 2024, expect to see a surge in the availability of home-based facial treatments, including deep cleansing, hydrating masks, and anti-aging therapies. These treatments can address specific skin issues, leaving you with a radiant and refreshed complexion without the need to step out.

Professional estheticians offering personalized facial treatments will bring their expertise and top-notch products to your doorstep. From classic facials to Casmara facials, the options are diverse. The convenience of enjoying a spa-quality facial in the comfort of your home is an experience that will redefine your skincare routine in the coming year.

1. Cleansing Facial

Eliminate blackheads, dust particles, and excess oil buildup from your pores, revealing skin that is both clean and clear.

2. Herbal Facial

Achieve a healthy and natural glow by using quality natural products.

3. Dr. Renaud Facial

Indulge in a lavish facial experience using premium products from Dr. Renaud, resulting in skin that is rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalized.

4. Casmara Facial

Experience top-tier facial treatment with skincare products from Casmara that are getting popular due to the amazing results that many swear by. 

At-Home Hair Treatments

Maintaining healthy and luscious hair is a priority for many, and at-home hair treatments are set to become a staple in 2024. Whether it is a nourishing hair mask, a revitalizing scalp treatment, or a professional blowout, experienced stylists will bring their expertise to your doorstep. This trend is not only convenient but also ensures that your hair receives the care it deserves.

Expect to see a variety of at-home hair treatments, including keratin treatments, deep conditioning, hairstyling for special occasions, and even customizable hair care blends; another raging trend in 2024. With the use of high-quality products and professional tools, the at-home salon experience promises to rival that of a traditional salon visit.

Comprehensive Waxing and Threading

Home salon services now offer waxing treatments that go beyond mere hair removal, incorporating soothing ingredients and post-wax care products to minimize discomfort and enhance skin health. Whether you’re looking to achieve smooth legs or maintain a well-defined eyebrow shape, opting for a holistic waxing experience ensures a pampering session that leaves your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

In 2024, the trend is leaning towards precision threading for brow perfection, including hybrid brows. From eyebrows to upper lips to forehead and even full face, home salon specialists are skilled in the art of threading services that complement your facial features. 

Luxurious Nail Care Services

Beautifully manicured nails are a symbol of sophistication and self-care. In 2024, the demand for luxurious nail care services at home is expected to soar. Experienced nail technicians will bring the spa experience to you, offering services such as manicures, pedicures, and nail art without the need to visit a salon.

Choose from a variety of nail treatments, including gel, french, classic mani pedi, and intricate nail designs. Mobile nail care services ensure that your hands and feet receive the pampering they deserve without compromising on the quality of the experience. This trend reflects the growing desire for personalized and convenient beauty services in Abu Dhabi.

Mobile Massage Services

Mobile massage services are gaining popularity in Abu Dhabi, allowing individuals to unwind without leaving their homes. In 2024, anticipate a surge in demand for massage therapies, ranging from Swedish and deep tissue to aromatherapy and hot stone massages.

Experienced therapists will bring the spa experience to your living room, creating a serene atmosphere with soothing music and aromatherapy oils. This trend not only saves time but also eliminates the stress of commuting to a spa. From body scrubs to back massages, these services are set to redefine the way Abu Dhabi residents and visitors prioritize their well-being in the coming year.


Experience the epitome of professional pampering with these five treatments from a reliable home service salon in Abu Dhabi. If you are not sure about which salon to choose, visit the ServiceMarket website and book your treatment with confidence. Our professionals are experts in the industry, with years of training and experience.

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