5 Most Common Air Conditioning Myths You Likely Believe!

There are many misconceptions about how AC units work to cool the home, particularly myths regarding energy efficiency and maintenance. We are going to bust 5 of those common myths so that you can get the most out of your air conditioning unit in your Dubai villa/apartment.

Myth #1: If there’s nothing wrong, it doesn’t need a service

Just because you think your air conditioning unit is working as normal, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be checked by a professional! There are a lot of components within an air conditioning system. Regular AC service will ensure that any potential problems are caught early on. 

Professional AC maintenance in Dubai will prevent you from needing to shell out for an expensive repair in the future because any problems will be identified before they can worsen and your AC unit will last as long as possible.

Myth #2: Filters only need to be changed once a year

The filters within your air conditioning unit ensure that the air being circulated around your home is clean and free of dust. Many people believe that only changing the filter once a year is enough but dust, dirt, and debris build up in your filters every day and you can imagine how much that can amount to over an entire year. Not only will you find that the air within your home is no longer clean, but the airflow will also become reduced and your AC unit will be working much less efficiently.

Therefore, it is good practice to replace your air filters every 1 or 2 months to ensure that your home is filled with healthy air and your air conditioning unit is working efficiently. Better still, book a regular professional AC cleaning to ensure that your whole unit is clean and there is no build-up of harmful mold and bacteria.

Myth #3: If you want your home to be cooled quickly, turn the temperature way down

Some people assume that if you want your home to be cooled quickly, you should turn the thermostat way down to a temperature that is cooler than what you want your home to be. This isn’t the case! Air conditioning units only function by being either on or off, the speed at which they cool cannot be changed. When you change your thermostat, your AC unit will simply work until your home reaches the set temperature, always working at the same rate.

If you set your thermostat to a lower temperature than you actually want, it will simply have to work for longer, especially if you forget to stop the AC when it gets to the temperature you actually wanted. Your home will never be cooled more quickly.

Myth #4: Turning your system on and off will reduce energy consumption

Although there are many things in your home that should be turned off to save energy when you are not using them, such as lights and appliances, this rule does not apply to your air conditioning system.

It actually takes a lot more energy for an AC system to turn on once being off for a little while, than if you had just had it running all the time. If you’re worried about unnecessary energy being used when you’re not at home or during the night, you could invest in a thermostat that you can program depending on the time of day. This way your AC unit can stay running but your total energy consumption will be reduced by avoiding turning it on and off all the time.

Myth #5: Closing vents will save money

It is thought that closing air vents in rooms that are not being occupied or used regularly means that you will save money on energy costs. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Most AC units work depending on the size of your home so, when you close vents in certain rooms, you effectively interfere with the intended airflow. 

Your air conditioning system actually works less efficiently when you do this as there is still the same amount of air being circulated around your home whether the vents are closed or not. It can even lead to blockages, which will force your AC unit to work even harder to try and get the airflow around, or potential leaks. If you suspect one of these issues, don’t hesitate to call a professional. 

Need AC Maintenance in Dubai? 

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