5 Reasons to Call a Doctor in Dubai for an At-home Consultation

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Getting a Doctor at home in Dubai is becoming increasingly common, not to mention easy. This is because a large number of hospitals and doctors now offer at-home consultations. It is much more convenient to call a doctor in Dubai, save the trip to the hospital and avoid excessive costs.  

You may need a doctor at home in Dubai for elderly patients with mobility issues, kids, or for a patient who is too sick to move. It’s a blessing that at-home patient care is available just a few clicks away. 

Why Call a Doctor in Dubai for At-home Medical Care

There are several reasons why people call a doctor in Dubai for at-home visits. Here’s all you need to know about this mode of medical care and why it works.   

1: Convenient for Patients on Bed Rest

Patients who are on bed rest are usually the ones who receive at-home professional care since leaving the house is often a challenge for them. As a result, physically going to doctors’ appointments puts them at great risk of health relapses. In addition to this, many such patients are strictly advised to rest to increase their chances of recuperation. With in-person check-ups and appointments, this process can slow down. In this context, getting medical help from the comfort of your home is a convenient alternative. For patients who require serious medical care, keeping a doctor on call at all times is important in case of any emergencies.   

2: Reduces the Risk of Infection

Visiting hospitals greatly increases the risk of infection. When you go to such facilities, you expose yourself to germs, bacteria, and a host of other diseases. As a result, there are more chances of your immune system being compromised. For people who are already sick, this could pose a serious threat. Moreover, this is especially dangerous for older people and children as they are more likely to be at risk. In this context, you can get a doctor on call in Dubai for at-home visits and keep your loved ones safe.   

3: Allows Individualized Care

The medical professional will be able to offer you completely personalized care. You will have your doctor’s undivided attention and supervision. As a result, you will get medical care that is more detailed and precise. Illnesses and infections will be diagnosed and treated more efficiently too. 

Having an on-call doctor for individualized care allows you to be well-equipped in case of emergencies.  

4: Reduces Both Cost and Time

Going to medical facilities costs more in terms of fuel usage. Whereas when you arrange a doctor for medical care at home, you save both cost and time. Many people assume that an on-call doctor in Dubai costs a significant amount of money. That may be true in some cases but it depends on the kind of services and medical care you require. Many doctors today charge a reasonable price for an at-home check-up.

Apart from the cost, you can also save additional effort with such visitations. In-person checkups typically require you to book an appointment and then wait your turn. The process takes considerable time and you may even have to wait several hours. When you call a doctor at home, you can completely dodge this inconvenience. 

Furthermore, you can also avoid driving through heavy traffic for your appointments. This is especially convenient if your doctor does not practice close to your vicinity.  

5: Increases the Level of Comfort

In order for patients to fully convey their health issues, they have to be comfortable both mentally and physically. In fact, this is also important for recovery and recuperation. When you have a doctor at home in Dubai, you increase the level of comfort for the patients. They’re likely to open up more about their medical condition and respond better to treatments and assessments. This is especially true for elderly people and young children.  


There are several reasons why you might need to call a doctor in Dubai for at-home consultations and medical care. With this mode of healthcare, you can save on time and cost and enhance your level of comfort for greater efficiency. 

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