5 Ways Your Handyman Can Make Your Apartment in Dubai Spacious

5 Ways Your Handyman Can Make Your Apartment in Dubai Spacious

If you want to improve your apartment or fix things, getting a handyman is the answer. Luckily, you can get their services in Dubai quite easily. The tricky part is to think of how and what things you want to change. After getting a handyman in Dubai, you will have to identify the areas that can be renovated and re-used in a small space. This can be a challenging task. So, once you hire a handyman, it’s time to do some brainstorming.

5 Ways a Handyman in Dubai Can Make Your Apartment Spacious

Getting more use out of relatively limited space can be a real challenge and requires some amazing creativity. This article is going to list five ways you can make your apartment more spacious. These home interior ideaswill be helpful as a kickstart. So, read on!

#1. Making Your Workstation Mobile

Foldable and mobile tables are a godsend for small apartments. Adding wheels to your workstation is not just a fun concept but also a very practical one. If your workstation is mobile, it means that you can easily move it to different corners of the house where you feel like working.

Apart from that, it can be a huge space-saver. When you are not working, you can put the workbench somewhere in the corner where it is not in the way. You can also use it in the kitchen, as a study table, or as a vanity, etc. One table can be used for multiple purposes, saving you the space and money to buy different furniture items. You can take this trick further by asking your handyman to add a few drawers to the bench. After all, drawers work best when it comes to adding storage space.

#2. Install Shelves and Cabinets

Your handyman can do you a real favor by adding shelves and cabinets on empty walls. The more stuff goes up on the walls, the lesser clutter you have at ground level. You can add shelves in the kitchen for your condiments, spices, and herbs. It can save you a lot of counter space. You can also add hooks to the walls or the sides of cabinets to hang your utensils. This will free up more space inside the cabinets. If you add shelves in your bedroom for your personal grooming items and attach a mirror to the wall, you will save all the space that’s taken up by a huge vanity.

If you have a study, you can add shelves to display your books up there. This way, you can free up tons of space on the table. Even in the bathrooms, adding shelves and cabinets can give you storage space for your items. The best part about this space hack is that it looks very visually appealing.

 #3. Turn Closets into Working Spaces

Your handyman can make your apartment more spacious by rightly utilizing the closets. Add shelves, paint it an appropriate color, and use it as a workstation. Small closets will require taking off the door to make more space for you to sit and put a chair in there. But if it is big enough, you may not have to do that either. Instead, you can turn that closet into a small, colluded workstation where nobody will disturb you.

Other than the shelves for space, you will most likely have to add other light sources in there, like a table lamp, since closets can be dark. If you don’t want to make it into a workstation, flip it into a pantry, a bar, a safe, or a library. Several maintenance companies in Dubaican do that by giving you expert services.

#4. Utilize the Balcony

Competent handymen will always tell you to make good use of extra space like your balcony and terrace. These creative individuals always have incredible ideas for how you can utilize this space for your benefit. For example, adding shelves, a desk, and chairs to your balcony can make a fantastic workstation with a view. You can also put your coffee table and a couple of chairs on the terrace to create a breakfast place. This way, you will free up the space in the kitchen for better movement while cooking with your family. Balconies can be used for many different purposes, so don’t let this space go to waste. Instead, use your creative mind and Pinterest account, and ask your handyman for suggestions on making the best out of it.

#5. Multi-Purpose Furniture

You’ll be surprised to know how a handyman can creatively change your basic furniture items into multipurpose pieces. For example, they can turn basic tables into desks with lids to store your items under there and have more space on top. Beds with drawers underneath can store your extra beddings, covers, and much more. Sofas with storage spaces underneath are also a genius idea and easily doable.


Yourhandyman in Dubai can do miracles with your small apartment. They are quite expert, not to mention creative with skills that can make your limited space very spacious. If you require their services, simply book a maintenance company in Dubai on ServiceMarket.  They have the best professionals in town! Talk to them about your ideas, preferences, and needs, and come up with a master plan to expand your apartment.

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