6 Things to Think About When Designing a Swimming Pool in Dubai

A swimming pool in Dubai

The year-round hot and humid climate of Dubai means that swimming is a very popular recreation, as most people turn to swimming pools to provide them with some relief from the heat of the day. You may also consider installing a swimming pool in Dubai since it creates a fun space for the entire family, allows you to relax and unwind, saves you the money that would otherwise have been spent on memberships to public pools and, of course, allows you to stay physically fit and healthy.

Whether you are ready to take on this task on your own, or whether you hire a professional maintenance company for the job, here are 6 questions you need to ask yourself if you are designing a swimming pool in Dubai.

  1. Do you want a permanent fixture or a temporary installation?

If you have a limited budget or want a pool in your backyard immediately, then you should consider purchasing an above-ground pool, which comes in the form of a kit and would be installed by handymen within a couple of days. However, they do little to add to the value of your home. Keep in mind the fact that the perpetually warm climate of Dubai means that most people would consider an in-ground pool fitted in the backyard as a valuable addition. However, you will have to set aside a larger budget for it.

  1. Are you just chilling or swimming laps?

Before you get the actual construction and installation started, jot down a list of things you expect to use the swimming pool for. For example, will you be primarily using the swimming pool for physical fitness purposes or do you simply want a pool to lounge in and unwind after work? Or would you want a pool that caters to all such needs?

  1. What shape and size do you want?

You can customize the shape and size of the swimming pool according to your own aesthetic preferences or needs. For example, a rectangular pool works best for people who are mainly interested in a pool for physical fitness purposes. On the other hand, if you just want a relaxing, spa-like facility, then you can get more creative with the shape and size of your swimming pool. For example, it can be designed to appear like a natural pond and various other features can also be added to it, such as waterfalls, bar counters, benches or waterbeds.

  1. What type of pool do you want?

The answer to this question will usually depend on your answer to the first two questions. There are different types of swimming pools in Dubai, such as infinity pools (where water overflows into a lower level channel), natural pools (that create an exotic, resort-like ambience), skimmers (where the water is approximately 10 centimeters below the level of the pool deck), and pools with rock features (which can add a dramatic touch to the garden), among others.

  1. Are aesthetics all that you need to focus on?

Swimming pools are used to increase the value of property or add aesthetic value to gardens. While designing them carefully is an art in itself, it is not the only thing one should focus on. You should also consider educating yourself about the basics of swimming pools, such as how the hydraulic system and chemical management system work, since it is important to ensure that your swimming pool remains functional, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Should you compare prices?

Yes! When buying the tools and equipment that you need to design and install your swimming pool, check the rates quotes by different suppliers. Be wary if a certain quote is astonishingly low, since this may indicate lower quality material as well. The same principle also applies when hiring a maintenance company to help you design and install your swimming pool, since one that offers a lower quote may only set up the pool itself and not offer other services, such as landscaping around the pool or installing a patio.

Once you have installed it, remember to book a swimming pool cleaning service in DubaiΒ at the start and end of summer. You can rest assured that ServiceMarket will only connect you to the most trusted and qualified team for the job. Moreover, it offers you the chance to compare the quotes offered by different companies, so you can get your very own swimming pool in Dubai within the budget you have set for yourself!

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