7 Incredible Ideas for the Best Eid Family Get-Together

Most people, especially kids, eagerly look forward to Eid celebrations every year. These festivities give families and friends a chance to spend time together and forge lasting memories. If you are hosting an Eid family get-together at your place and want to make it memorable, check out the following incredible ideas to throw the best Eid get together.

Begin by cleaning and decorating your home: Before you do anything else, book a deep cleaning service to make sure your home is clean and shiny when the guests arrive. Doing so will also give you plenty of time to focus on other important tasks such as decorating your home. Consider creating an Arabian ambiance by hanging lanterns. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, installing golden lights in the lanterns and complementing them with candles can do the trick.

Serve traditional food but with a twist: Planning to serve something new and delicious? Consult an experienced chef to find out how you can present traditional food in a modern way. Many people get bored of eating the same types of food throughout Ramadan, which is why many of the catering companies in Dubai are now bringing innovations into their menus. Vimto is very popular in the UAE during this season, but why not prepare something different like Vimto jelly or a Vimto flavoured cake?

Remember to involve the kids: Adults are often so busy while preparing for Eid festivities that they forget to involve the kids. Prepare Eid clothes for them in advance and let them help you decorate your home. Another great way to keep them entertained is to create a kid’s corner where they can play. If you want to be able to focus on the hosting and interacting with the adults, consider hiring a babysitter to help you supervise the kids.

Preserve these memories: Eid can bring families and distant relatives together after a long time. If you want to preserve the happy times you will be sharing with your loved ones, you should definitely hire a professional photographer to capture all the smiles and Eid hugs. You can even ask them make arrangements to print the photos and then distribute copies among the guests.

Don’t forget entertainment: Any get-together can become less lively after a couple of hours. If you want to keep your guests entertained throughout the party, then you should keep some additional arrangements in mind while planning. Get a sound system to play traditional music throughout the event. If some of your relatives like poetry or have other talents such as playing musical instruments, encourage them to prepare something for the get-together. You can even organize some games such as musical chairs, charades, or a Eid-themed treasure hunt.

Distribute gifts: It’s customary for adults to give money or gifts to the kids. As the host, you can even distribute gifts among the adults to make the occasion more joyus. Some people also hand out goodie bags that contain dates, chocolates and small souvenirs like key chains or bookmarks.  

Arrange a picnic party: If some of your relatives from abroad are visiting you this Eid, be sure to take them on a sightseeing tour. After you’ve driven around the city and seen some of the popular destinations and landmarks, take them to a park for a picnic party. Don’t forget to take along your picnic basket and a frisbee!  

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