A Quick Guide to Home Maintenance in the UAE

Home maintenance

You’ve just moved into your new apartment in Dubai,Β  your furniture is all in place, you’ve hung up those family pictures on the wall and even your pet cat has found her new favorite corner for her afternoon naps. Before you give yourself that much deserved pat on the back, there’s one more administrative task left for you to ensure that your home remains as lovely and comfortable throughout the year: Set up an annual maintenance contract for your home to make sure that your air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing equipment get the love they need from you.

What’s a Home Maintenance contract? Almost every professional maintenance or repairs company in the UAE offers annual packages to maintain your home. These packages typically include periodic preventative maintenance for your AC, plumbing and electrical units, and free call outs for emergency repairs. Stacey Murtagh, Brand Manager at MPLUS+, one of the UAE’s leading home maintenance providers, recommends these packages. Signing up for a home maintenance contract β€œmeans you never have to pay for emergency call outs, you save money since you’re paying in advance for your service, and also you get the peace of mind knowing a technician is always available if something goes wrong.” The packages start from AED 59 per month depending on the size of your home and type of package.

Whether you sign up for a Home Maintenance contract, or choose to pay as and when you need the service, we strongly recommend that you service your air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing equipments periodically. MPLUS+ recommends that you service your AC units at least three times a year. The dusty and humid climate in the UAE means that your AC filters and compressors will get clogged with dust and mould quite quickly, and will need to be serviced more often than you would do in other countries. Not only does de-clogging your AC help improve air quality, but it also means reduced energy consumption, lower DEWA bills, and a β€œgreener” home.

So what should you expect from a typical AC service? Don’t just settle for a quick rinse of your AC filter and hasty dusting of the AC grills. MPLUS+ recommends that you ask your repairman to:

  1. Start by covering their work area with plastic sheets to make sure that while they are servicing your AC, none of the dust falls onto your furniture.
  2. Check and clean every part of your AC unit: the fan coil unit, the air filters, blowers, cooling coils, and drip trays. They should also check and clean the actual air vents.
  3. Check and clear any blockages in the drainage pipes.
  4. Check the compressor suction and discharge pressure.
  5. Check the operation of the condenser fan motor and fan bearing for any abnormal noise or vibration.
  6. Clean the condenser coil.
  7. Check the gas pressure and top up if deemed necessary.
  8. Test-run the system to make sure it’s in proper working condition.
  9. Clean up the area and remove all plastic sheet covers before they leave.

Finally, we often get questions from our customers around whose responsibility it is to maintain the home – tenant or landlord? According to RERA Law No. 26 OF 2007 Rules Regulating the Relationship between Landlord and Tenant, the landlord β€œshall, during validity of the tenancy contract, be liable for undertaking maintenance of the property and shall rectify any defects or faults that affect tenant’s intended benefit from the property, unless the two parties agree otherwise.” Whether you own your home, or are renting it from your landlord, make sure quarterly servicing for your air conditioning units takes place. In the long run, preventative maintenance will save you money, reduce the probability of break-downs during summer and not to mention ensure your home is a healthy and comfortable place to live in. So get in touch with maintenance companies right here to get started!

Special thanks to our partner, MPLUS+, for providing this valuable information.

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