AC Not Working Properly? It Could Be One of These AC Maintenance Issues

Repairing an AC in Dubai

There is nothing worse than finding out that your air-conditioning unit is malfunctioning in the midst of Dubai’s summer. To find out what the most common AC maintenance problems are, and to help you get a better idea of what could possibly have gone wrong with your AC, we got in touch with one of our partners, Maintenance Matters, a professional AC maintenance company based in Dubai.

  1. AC not working at all? Check with DEWA. On an astonishing 40% of their callouts, the experts at Maintenance Matters found that clients had either not signed up with a utility provider, or had their service disconnected due to non-payment of dues.
  2. AC still not working at all? Make sure you check the power boxΒ since it is possible that the circuit breaker feeding the AC unit may have tripped.
  3. AC working but not cooling properly? This is an issue faced by many Dubai residents from time to timeΒ and is the result of two potential problems: either the chilled water strainers are blocked by grit or dirt in the water, or the filters are dirty and stop the cool air from coming through.
  4. No cold air coming through the AC vents? This could be a result of two factors:
    1. In some cases, the actuator may be stuck, which is the electric valve regulating the flow of chilled water into the coil of the AC unit inside the house. This could be either due to a piece of grit in the chilled water that could hamper its flow, or simply because of the wear and tear that the actuator has gone through over time.
    2. It could be because inability of the service provider to meet the sharp increase in demand for chilled water that runs through the buildings’ air-conditioning systems, which results in this water being significantly warmer. The only solution to this problem is for the service provider to work hard to ensure that it is providing as much chilled water as is needed at the right cold temperature.
  5. Feel very little or no air coming through? There could be two culprits to blame:
    1. A burnt out fan motor. This usually occurs if you haven’t had your AC service regularly serviced, which leads to a build-up of dust that creates weight on the fan blades and puts pressure on the motor. Also, consider the age of the motor – motors are usually designed to run for around 2 to 3 years in Dubai’s weather, but you can extend the life of the motor if it is serviced regularly and well-maintained.
    2. Apart from a burnt out motor, the problem may also be with the capacitor that controls the fan motor. If this is faulty, it is not going to send a message to the motor signalling it to turn on.
  6. AC blowing out warm air but theΒ thermostat is reading cool? This could be due to a faulty thermostat. However, if you have a triple A battery operated thermostat, you may simply need to replace its battery.

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Still can’t figure out why your AC isn’t cooling at its optimum level? At ServiceMarket, we can help you to get a free quote from professional AC maintenance companies in Dubai.

About Maintenance Matters: Β Founded in 2015 and based in Dubai, Maintenance Matters delivers highly experienced, professional handymen with over 15 years to help you with any maintenance issues around the home.Β  They offer plumbing, electrical, AC and heating, and any other handyman related services.

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