Additional Costs You May Incur When Hiring a Dubai Handyman

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The peace of mind of knowing that if you are unable to carry out any sort of work around the house, you can simply pick up the phone and hire a handyman in Dubai, is worth the price. From minor repairs to installations to home maintenance, a Dubai handyman does it all at the convenience of just a click of a button.Β 

However, if you are planning to go this route, do your homework. There are various charges according to the services they provide, the number of services provided, the number of days they take to complete their tasks, the additional materials they use, and how qualified they are. To get some ideas, refer to the list below.

Charges Per Time of an Average Dubai Handyman

Time is one factor that can add an extra expense when thinking of hiring a handyman in Dubai. If the handyman is hired to be paid hourly, then the more hours and days the handyman spends working, the higher the charges will be. If your service requires a big task to be performed, you may want to compare the rates of different maintenance companies in Dubai instead of opting for handymen with hourly rates. Moreover, even if a handyman works less than an hour, there is always a minimum charge. 

Additional Spare Parts and Materials

Normal parts and materials that are readily available might already be included in the handyman’s charges, however, if any special or major parts need replacement or fixing, the handyman is most likely to charge extra. 

Before you decide to hire handyman services in Dubai, you should make sure if you have any appliances that require extra parts for repairing so that you can procure them from some other place.Β 

Type of Service Required

The charges also vary according to the service you wish to get. Different tasks have different rates. For instance, fixing a leaking tap, or curtain hanging might not cost as much as what a technician or an electrician may charge. Other services such as mounting televisions, AC servicing, or other installations usually have flat rates according to the size of the item to be installed.

Qualification of Handyman

Handymen who are professionals and have more experience and qualifications charge higher rates. They tend to know exactly what they are doing and their work proves it all. So, if your task requires a professional handyman with exceptional services, go for a more qualified handyman who will charge comparatively more.

Handyman Service Quotes

You must have set aside a budget for getting such services. So before calling in a handyman service, it is essential to check the number of hours and estimated days given as a quotation by the service providers. Furthermore, you need to check which materials and spare parts are included with the service and how many handymen will be sent to complete the task you require. The quotes vary according to all these factors.


These are the main factors you will need to take into consideration when you hire handyman services in Dubai. The total cost basically depends on the service you require. A Dubai handyman might seem a little expensive in comparison to other cities, but quality service is guaranteed.Β 

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