All You Need to Know About Wound Care in Dubai

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Wounds can take a long time to heal so taking appropriate care is crucial. If you are at a hospital in Dubai, a nurse will typically assist you with the management of your wounds.   

You may be able to do it on your own in case of minor wounds, however, serious wounds may require expert care to prevent infection, and boost faster healing. In such cases, and especially when you or your family member are unable to visit the hospital, it is recommended to hire a home nurse in Dubai. Read on to understand how to take care of different types of wounds.

Types of Wounds

Regularly cleaning wounds or changing dressings is important for proper healing. However, the wound care you need depends on the type of wound. Some wounds can be treated at home while others require the attention of a medical professional. The following are common types of wounds: 

  • Burns (chemical, electrical, or thermal)
  • Open wounds 
  • Closed wounds
  • Surgical wounds and incisions
  • Acute wounds
  • Internal wounds 
  • External wounds
  • Ulcers 

The Process of Cleaning and Dressing a Wound

It is highly advisable to receive wound care by a licensed nurse, or a healthcare professional. However, in some cases, if your doctor permits it, you can treat minor wounds on your own by following the steps mentioned below: 

1. Wash Your Hands

Germs from one’s hands can increase the chances of infection in a wound. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly wash your hands with soap before and after touching a wound.

2. Stop the Bleeding

If you have a fresh wound or your old one starts to bleed, you have to stop the bleeding. Applying pressure to the wound site with a clean bandage will help the blood clot. You can raise the wound as it will reduce the blood flow to the open wound. 

3. Clean the WoundΒ 

Once the bleeding stops, you have to wash the wound to avoid infections. Either wash it under clean running water, or with saline solution pumped through a needle or a tube (to reduce pressure). It is wiser to consult a medical professional about the suitable wound cleaning method based on the type of wound. The goal of cleaning the wound is to remove dust and other particles and help quicken the healing process. 

4. Apply an Antibiotic

After cleaning the wound, apply an antibiotic with surgical cotton to prevent bacteria and microbes from affecting it. 

5. Cover the Wound with Dressing

If a wound is small, a simple bandage is likely to be enough. For bigger wounds, use a sterile dressing to thoroughly cover the area. Do not make the dressing too tight that it constricts the blood flow, nor too loose that it displaces from the wound.

6. Changing the DressingΒ 

You may have to change the dressing multiple times before a wound finally heals. Carefully removing the old dressing without damaging the wound is a crucial part of the process. If not done the right way, it can be quite painful and may result in bleeding. You can use saline solution to remove the dressing sticking to the wound. 

After careful removal, you will have to repeat the process of washing the wound, applying antibiotic solution, and then covering it with dressing. 

The Need for Expert Wound Care

By following the steps mentioned earlier, you can provide basic wound care. But it is always wise to be extra careful and get professional help, especially for any deep, or serious wounds. For example, offering post operative wound care requires assistance from an experienced and certified nurse. These professionals have the training and expertise to understand the unique requirements of such wounds and are equipped to provide the best possible care. Hence, it is recommended to seek their assistance for fast and effective recovery. 


Wound management is a complex process that requires close monitoring, not to mention, an understanding of the type of wound. Only then can one take the appropriate steps to effectively manage the healing process. That is why it is best to seek professional help.  

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