Are Pest Control Fumes Dangerous?

pest control fumes in Sharjah

Whether a clean freak or not, you wouldn’t want your place hijacked by bugs of any sort ever. To keep your place squeaky clean for yourself and your family to thrive in, you need a pest control service in Sharjah from time to time to keep all those unwanted insects at bay. ServiceMarket can provide you with the best professional pest control companies in Sharjah to do the job.

How Are Pest Control Fumes Dangerous?

  • Kids exposed to pest control fumes may have more chances of developing illnesses like leukemia and seizures.
  • Not only children, but these fumes can cause heart and respiratory issues in adults too, including both men and women.
  • Nursing or pregnant women can have complications if exposed to certain toxins.

You can avoid the above-mentioned health risks by hiring a pest control company that uses Municipality-approved chemicals.

Do the Pest Control Companies on ServiceMarket Use Authorized Chemicals?

Pest control companies in Sharjah not only provide top-notch services but use chemicals authorized by the Sharjah Municipality. Nonetheless, before reaching a decision, make sure that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines while getting your house pest-free.

  • Ask the company you choose to provide you with a Municipality certificate.
  • Cross-check the name of the company on the certificate with the one that actually comes to do the service.
  • Once they’re done, ask for an invoice mentioning details such as the names of pesticides used, kinds of services provided, and the names of the professionals who did it all.

Once you’re sure that your house is being fumigated by experts using approved chemicals, you can get the pest control done. The professionals from the pest control company will inform you of any precautionary measures that need to be taken right after the pest control.

Precautionary Measures While Getting Your House Fumigated

Keep Your Loved Ones Away for a While

The day you book a pest control service, take your family out of the house for a few hours. You can either go to a relative’s house or even to a mall and spend the day there instead. This can also be a good excuse for that much overdue staycation! Relax and come back after a few hours. You can ask the professionals from the pest control company for the minimum number of hours you should be out of the house.

Put All Food and Personal Belongings Aside

Make sure that you store your belongings including toys, clothes, and shoes in cupboards or inside where your belongings are safe from chemicals. You don’t want your belongings contaminated with deadly toxins. The same applies to food. Food should not be left uncovered and should be stored in airtight containers.

Ventilate Your House Properly

Ventilate your house properly before any spraying happens: make sure that all the windows are open and fans turned on. You don’t want deadly gases accumulating in your enclosed space, putting everyone’s health at risk.

Use Only Indoor Chemicals Inside

Although the ones in charge are responsible enough to use only the pesticides specified for indoor use, you should also be smart enough to check everything beforehand to be on the safer side.

Throw Away All the Pesticide Containers 

Make sure that the professionals who provide you with the service dispose of all the containers of the pesticides used properly. You don’t want them lying around in your house in the range of your pets and kids.

Final Takeaway 

As they say, prevention is better than cure! Take all precautions before and after fumigating your house. You and your loved ones are only at risk from pest control fumes if they are not used correctly. By using ServiceMarket, you can hire professional pest control services in Sharjah right now and ensure the safety of your house.

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