6 Reasons DIY Pest Control Should be Avoided in Dubai

Are cockroaches taking over your bathroom? Do you suspect your furniture may be infested with bed bugs? A pest problem can disrupt the peace of your home and cause discomfort for the whole family. In some cases – if the pest is poisonous or carries disease – the situation can become dangerous. Some homeowners may want to tackle the problem themselves, but pest control is not an everyday household task. A DIY approach can have several pitfalls. The experts at ServiceMarket have compiled a list of six reasons you should sit this one out and call pest control services in Dubai

1) Knowledge and expertise

You may have noticed a rodent scurrying across the kitchen floor but do you know if it is a rat or a mouse? Rats and mice display different behaviours and may require different techniques for elimination. Expertise really matters. If you have a bed bug infestation, it can be very difficult to get rid of it without the help of a pest control company. If you make any mistakes or cut corners with a DIY approach, the problem will come back.  

2) Reliable results

Apart from technique, you also need to use the correct products, equipment and chemicals. The wrong product or incorrectly mixed chemicals may cause more harm than good. Also, this trial and error approach will cost you time and money. A pest control company will bring the most effective professional grade products along with extensive training in their correct use. The result: reliable, long-term results. Don’t forget about follow-up. You may have set the traps for a rodent infestation but they also need to be examined and reset regularly. Likewise, bugs and insects require a regular cycle of spraying to prevent infestation. The professionals will conduct follow-ups as needed for long-term success. 

3) The source of the problem needs to be eliminated

It is important to fortify your house. A pest control expert can tell you what to do in order to avoid another outbreak. For example, you may need to seal a tiny opening that is allowing rodents into the house, or fix leaky pipes that create damp areas attracting bugs and insects. While a clean clutter-free house without food scraps or moisture is a great starting point, the experts will go a step further and identify specific problems and solutions. 

4) Exposure to strong chemicals

Products and chemicals which are meant to kill pests can also harm your family, pets, or even cause property damage. Safety standards and procedures need to be followed while using these chemicals and tools. For example, if glue traps are not placed correctly, they can be dangerous for young children and pets. Poison powder in the kitchen may contaminate food and randomly spraying for pest control can cause respiratory problems. Health and safety are extremely important and bringing in professionals who are certified to handle these products is the best way to ensure both. 

5) Cost

One motivation to do you own pest control might be to save money. This can be a deceptive benefit. Consider the cost of the products and equipment you will need to buy. If your first attempt is not successful, you will need to repeat the process which means more product – not to mention time. Mistakes can cause property damage, or cause an injury, which will also cost you. 

6) Protect the environment

Dead pests and strong chemicals is a bad combination for the environment. Removing the dead pests whether its rodents or roaches in a clean and effective way is best left to the professionals. Also, they will use products efficiently and cause minimal or no damage to the environment. 

No matter what kind of infestation you are dealing with, a professional service can help. ServiceMarket only features vetted and licensed pest control companies in Dubai. 

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