Bed Bugs: A Guide for Dubai Residents

Bed bugs in Dubai

Bed bugs. You can’t live with them, and they can’t live without you. Unfortunately, there’s no corner of the globe where these bothersome pests don’t live, meaning bed bugs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a matter of fact. Bummer, right? Well not really. Despite their toughness, bed bugs can be thwarted if you take the correct steps and measures. The experts at ServiceMarket bring you this guide to better equip you to deal with these unwanted guests.

Some facts

We’ve talked about some of the incredible feats bed bugs can perform, but just to give you a fresh reminder: don’t take these little dudes lightly. Bed bugs are bloodsuckers and are exclusive connoisseurs of the human variety, hence beds are their ideal choice of real estate. And boy are they resilient. In cooler temperatures, they can survive up to a whole year without food, and in warmer climates they can still manage for 5 months. Speaking of food, they usually come out for a bite every 5 to 10 days. So if you haven’t gotten any new bite marks in over a week, don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’ve all died out. They’re probably still digesting their last meal.

What makes them tick

Humans aren’t the only ones who love being cosy – bed bugs tend to inhabit areas where it’s warm. And wherever there’s a cluster of humans or even animals such as rats and birds, there’ll be bed bugs. Why is this so, you ask? Well it’s because these creepy crawlies are attracted to carbon dioxide. So the more the people and animals, the more carbon dioxide is produced and the more bed bugs pouring in for a feast. This can very well make grounds for an infestation, and not just in your mattress. Despite their name, bed bugs can make their home in your carpets, upholstery, clothes, drawers and laundry basket. So if your house doesn’t get a proper cleaning from top to bottom every now and then, you might as well just hang a welcome sign for these multi-legged creatures at the door.

Symptoms and signs

So how do you find out if you have bed bugs? It’s hard to call it a convenience when we say they let you know they’re here. If you wake up one morning and find itchy red bumps on your skin all arranged in a neat line, then you’ve got yourself bed bugs. Scratching too much can lead to rashes, only worsening the situation. Other nasty signs of their unwanted presence include smears on your bed sheets (from when you turn over during your sleep and squash a few) and the telltale smell of rotting raspberries. And if you spot the critter yourself, you’ve got a positive diagnosis.


You know you have bed bugs when they’ve already given you an itch, so treat your skin first. Wash bitten skin with soap and water to disinfect immediately, and apply calamine lotion to prevent rashes and itching. After you’re done, it’s time to go bed bug hunting. Look for eggs or scurrying adults in the folds of your mattress, your drawers as well as any nooks in your bed, closet and luggage. Spraying pesticide won’t solve your problems as these nasties have developed resistance against most poisons and chemicals (we weren’t kidding when we said they’re resilient). Vacuuming is also not a sure-fire solution as it doesn’t get rid of the eggs that stubbornly cling on to surfaces.

What works, then? Extreme temperature, that’s what. Bed bugs of every stage in their life-cycle absolutely cannot survive temperatures of 50℃ and above for more than 10 minutes, as well as any number below -16℃ for more than an hour. Washing your clothes in hot water is highly recommended. However, for your house, turning it into an oven or an igloo sounds extremely impractical. But there’s no need to worry. Getting professional steam cleaning for your upholstery, floors, furniture, mattress and other areas where bed bugs might possibly be dwelling does the job. High temperature steam eradicates any adults, juveniles or eggs that are lurking in the corners of your home, making steam cleaning a most practical and effective β€œbed bug be-gone”.

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