The Benefits of Parquet Flooring

Flooring in Dubai

Thinking about flooring options for your home renovation project? ServiceMarket strongly recommends parquet floors to give your home an upgrade.

Looks great

The geometric mosaic of wood pieces will enhance the beauty of your home. This flooring was designed for decorative effect. Since the hardwood used in parquet flooring contrasts in type, color and grain, it can be matched to any interior decor.

Adds value

If you plan to selling your home at some point, having parquet flooring increases its resale value in the real estate market. Parquet floors combine the timeless beauty of hardwood floors with the uniqueness of mosaics, making it a much-loved flooring option.


Solid pieces of hardwood are used which makes it a durable flooring choice. It doesn’t scratch easily so can be used as flooring in high traffic areas. A parquet flooring that is laid down well by an experienced flooring handyman in Dubai can even last about 50 years without needing any major repairs or resurfacing.

Easy to clean

Vacuuming or a broom and a mop are all that are needed to keep these floors clean. Spills can be wiped up easily. The key is to use non-abrasive wipes to avoid scratches.

Several options to choose from

You have the option to choose the wood types in your parquet floors. This gives you a range of colors to play with. Some common contrasting woods used include oak, walnut, cherry and maple. A more expensive choice is mahogany. You can also choose the design pattern the floor is laid down in. Herringbone is the most popular pattern. Other patterns to choose from include Hungarian Point, Brick Style, Basket, Chevron, etc. Some people like to mix it up! They use wood with tiles to form unique patterns in their home.

Easily resurfaced

Just like a regular hardwood floor, a parquet floor can stand multiple sandings and refinishes before it would need to be replaced. Better yet, a well laid, newly installed parquet floor doesn’t require sanding and refinishing for decades.


Parquet floors are an excellent choice for people with allergies or small children at risk of developing allergies. Unlike carpets, there is no place for dust or other allergens to hide if parquet floors are installed in your home.

Remember to get an experienced floor installation service for your home renovation project. ServiceMarket partners with flooring companies, handymen and carpenters in Dubai to bring you free quotes for your flooring needs. Β Β 

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