How to Choose the Top Catering Companies in Dubai

With hundreds of caterers in Dubai, it can be difficult to pick the right one. You have to consider several factors while choosing a caterer. A lot of people simply go for the cheapest option. However, many of them regret adopting this approach when the quality of service turns out to be unsatisfactory. The experts at ServiceMarket have created this handy guide to make this decision easy for you.

  • Get recommendations: The easiest way to confirm that the caterer can provide satisfactory services and serve tasty food is to get some recommendations from other people who have booked them. ServiceMarket has made this process quicker and more convenient by allowing customers to share their reviews and ratings of catering services in Dubai online.
  • Request the caterer to arrange a tasting: You should tell the catering company that you would like to taste their food before booking their service. Most catering companies will schedule a tasting session for you.
  • Find out what they specialize in: Some caterers specialize in making arrangements for large events such as weddings, whereas others are better suited for smaller gatherings. Do some research to find out whether the caterer you are considering has the required expertise and supplies for your event.
  • Consider special food requirements: If you and your friends are vegans or are on a strict paleo diet, then you should ask your caterer whether they can serve these special types of foods. You should also consider asking your guests if they are allergic to any foods or ingredients and instruct the caterer to prepare the cuisines accordingly.
  • Make sure they can handle your additional requirements: In case you need additional arrangements like live stations or setting up a bar, you should ensure that your caterer offers these services. Getting these things done from another company can prove to be a hassle and more expensive.
  • Use ServiceMarket to pick a caterer: Looking for an easy way to choose the right catering service? ServiceMarket can help! Simply specify your budget, number of guests, cuisines and additional services. ServiceMarket will shortlist some suitable catering services in Dubai for you and send you free quotes from multiple companies.

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