5 Common Plumbing Issues That Can Cause Flooding in Dubai

Common Issues That Can Cause Flooding in Dubai

If your home has a dripping ceiling or your washing machine is leaking, it’s best to call a plumber in Dubai immediately so that your belongings are not damaged. Even if you do not currently have any issues, there are some simple precautions you should be taking to prevent any floods in the future. Here are the 5 most common reasons for flooding in your homes (and what you should do to prevent future floods):


It’s no surprise appliances would be on the list: from AC units to washing machines and dishwashers, improper maintenance may cause them to become faulty and flood the floors. If you’re washing your clothes and the drain system doesn’t work right, you’re looking at a future swamp in the making if you don’t hire a professional handyman to resolve the situation. You also have to get your AC units serviced every now and then to make sure the system doesn’t leak.

Clogged plumbing

Blocked pipes are probably the number one cause for flooding in your home. Clogging doesn’t just cause flooding, but may also cause the pipes to burst, exacerbating your problem even further and inflating replacement costs. Make sure the passages in your drainage pipes are open and cleaned every now and then – an excellent Dubai maid can properly clean your home and dispose of wastage so it doesn’t seep into your drains and block pipes.

Leaky drainage

If you don’t take care of your pipes, they’re going to rust and wither to the point that they’re going to start leaking all around the house as well as cause mould to bloom on your walls. A bucket under a leaky roof isn’t going to do much to solve your problem which is why you should either have leaky pipes replaced or repaired. Furthermore, drainage pipes that aren’t properly routed may also cause flooding, so make sure that you hire a professional plumber from a reputable company.

Burst pipes due to cold

Luckily the weather in Dubai doesn’t go below freezing point, but for appliances such as your AC and your refrigerator, you might find yourself in a struggle with burst pipes. Due to faulty compressors, water might build up in your refrigerator or AC unit and freeze, causing the pipes to burst. For your AC especially, damage may be extensive if it’s draining pipes are connected to your internal plumbing.

Structural damage

When the rainy season hits (and by that we mean the couple of days that it actually rains in Dubai), a damaged foundation can be one heck of a problem for your beautiful home. It’s not going to take long for the land your house is built on to get waterlogged due to excess water, especially since heavy rain is very uncommon and therefore the outdoor drain systems can be inadequate. The groundwater will definitely seep into any cracks in the foundation, and leave you with flooded floors and a massive headache in pumping all of the water out. Be sure to hire the right guys when getting your home built, or reinforce your home’s foundation so you don’t have to suffer these consequences.

The best thing to do to avoid flooding is to always be up to date on all home repairs, which is why you should hire only the most experienced and well-equipped handymen in Dubai. Through ServiceMarket, you can compare reviews for an impressive list of maintenance companies and find the one suited to your needs. Visit the site today to request multiple free quotes!

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