How Much do Cleaning Services in Jeddah Cost?

The easiest way to keep your home clean and tidy all year round is to book professional cleaning services in Jeddah. But many people worry about the cost of cleaning services. Contrary to what you might think, hiring professional cleaners won’t break the bank. This guide by the experts at ServiceMarket will help you understand how much various types of cleaning services cost in Jeddah. 

General home cleaning 

Need basic home cleaning services that include dusting, mopping and sweeping on a regular basis? Four hours of weekly cleaning will cost you as little as SAR 575 + VAT per month, if you sign up for a monthly subscription. Pay-as-you-go options are more expensive and cost around SAR 40 + VAT per hour for a minimum cleaning of 4 hours. To find the most suitable package, click here. Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide the cleaners with all essential cleaning supplies, so be sure to budget for it. 

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning services in Jeddah cover much more than general home cleaning services to make your home spick and span. If you have a one-bedroom apartment, then it will cost you SAR 400 to get it deep cleaned. The cost for a two-bedroom apartment is around SAR 600. 

Mattress cleaning

The cost of getting your mattress cleaned depends on the cleaning method as well as its size. Steam cleaning is more expensive than shampoo cleaning. You can get a single size mattress shampoo cleaned for as little as AED 99. Steam cleaning services for a single size mattress cost around SAR 169 and you can expect to pay SAR 269 for a queen or king size mattress. If you want your pillows or cushions cleaned as well, they will cost approximately SAR 25 each.

Sofa cleaning

Just like mattress cleaning, the service charges factor in the type of cleaning method used. Steam cleaning costs SAR 70 per seat while shampoo cleaning is cheaper at SAR 50 per seat.

Carpet cleaning

The cost of getting your carpet cleaned also depends on the type of cleaning method you choose. Shampoo cleaning costs SAR 15 per sqm, while steam cleaning costs SAR 25 per sqm.

Window cleaning 

Cleaning windows can be challenging, especially the ones that are hard to reach, which is why you should hire a professional cleaning service to help you keep your windows crystal clear. It will cost you approximately SAR 299 + VAT for a 3 bedroom villa.    

How many hours of cleaning do you need every week or month?

The cost of cleaning is determined by the frequency and length of sessions. You can figure this out by considering your lifestyle as well as they size of your house and family. To cut down the cost of cleaning, go for for ServiceMarket’s monthly subscription which allows you to save 14 percent every month. You can sign up for four hours of weekly cleaning at SAR 575 + VAT per month. 

ServiceMarket connects you with the best professional home cleaning services in Jeddah. We only list vetted companies with trained cleaners who know to keep your home spick and span throughout the year.

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