Cost of Getting Waxing Done at Home in Dubai

getting waxing done at home

Waxing is a popular method of hair removal in Dubai. There has been a shift towards wax at home services today due to the convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness they offer. Explore the cost of getting waxing done at home in Dubai, considering various factors that can impact the overall expenses, through this blog. 

Cost Breakdown of Wax at Home Service

When contemplating at home waxing in Dubai, it is essential to assess the financial implications. In comparison to salon waxing services, at-home waxing can indeed offer cost savings in the long run. However, initial expenses must be considered. Here is a breakdown of the costs you may incur:

Type of Body WaxingCost
Full Arms WaxingAED 80
Half Arms WaxingAED 50
Underarms WaxingAED 30
Full Legs Waxing AED 90
Half Legs Waxing AED 60
Bikini Waxing AED 100
Stomach WaxingAED 60
Full Back WaxingAED 80
Half Back WaxingAED 50
Full Body Waxing with BrazilianAED 400
Full Body Waxing without BrazilianAED 300
Full Arms Waxing (Honey)AED 80
Half Arms Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Underarms Waxing (Honey)AED 30
Full Legs Waxing (Honey)AED 90
Half Legs Waxing (Honey)AED 60
Bikini Waxing (Honey)AED 100
Stomach Waxing (Honey)AED 60
Full Back Waxing (Honey)AED 80
Half Back Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Full Body Waxing with Brazilian (Honey)AED 400
Full Body Waxing without Brazilian (Honey)AED 300
Eyebrows WaxingAED 35
Upper Lips WaxingAED 30
Full Face Waxing AED 100

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change with time.

Factors Influencing the Cost

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of waxing. These may include:

Type of Waxing Service 

The cost of at home waxing in Dubai depends largely on the type of service you require. Different body parts, such as legs, arms, face, and bikini areas, may have varying pricing. However, basic areas like the eyebrows or upper lip tend to be more affordable. Additionally, the choice between traditional waxing and specialized options like Brazilian waxing or honey can affect the overall cost as well.

Quality of Products 

The quality of the waxing products you choose plays a significant role in the cost. High-quality wax and accessories may come at a higher price, but they often offer better results and minimize the risk of skin irritation or allergies. Investing in premium products can lead to a more comfortable and efficient waxing experience.

Frequency of Waxing 

The frequency at which you plan to wax is another critical factor. Regular waxing, such as every few weeks, will lead to higher long-term costs compared to occasional waxing. It is essential to consider your hair growth rate and personal preferences when determining the frequency of waxing.

Service Provider

The cost of at-home waxing services can vary based on the reputation and experience of the service provider. Well-established and highly-rated providers may charge more for their services.


The neighborhood or area in Dubai where you reside can impact the pricing. High-end neighborhoods may have slightly higher service costs.

Tips for Cost-Effective At-Home Waxing

While at-home waxing services offer convenience, there are ways to keep them budget-friendly:

Package Deals

Look for package deals or bundles that offer multiple waxing sessions at a discounted rate. This can be especially beneficial for maintaining regular waxing routines.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs 

Keep an eye out for promotions and loyalty programs offered by at-home waxing service providers. These can provide significant savings over time.

Price Comparison of Service Providers 

Take the time to compare prices and reviews of different at-home waxing service providers in Dubai. A lower price doesn’t always mean lower quality, so read reviews and ask for recommendations.


At-home waxing services offer a convenient solution for those seeking professional grooming without the hassle of visiting a salon or spa. While the cost of these services can vary based on various factors, there are ways to keep it within your budget.

As with any beauty and wellness service, it is essential to prioritize quality and hygiene when selecting these services. Visit ServiceMarket to enjoy the convenience of waxing services at home in Dubai while ensuring a safe, and quality experience. 

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