Cost of Luxury Beauty Services at Home in Dubai

beauty services at home

Sometimes you just feel like getting pampered at home instead of going all the way to a salon in Dubai for luxury services. Or, you may want to plan a spa party with your girls. With access to beauty services at home you can now plan for either of the two things on your wishlist! 

While you might be thrilled to book luxury salon at home services, make sure you know what services you want and their cost. Let’s find out.Β 

Cost of Beauty Services At Home

Typically there are around seven kinds of home services that are provided by companies. However, the charges may vary according to the type of services and the products used for each. 


Nothing is more relaxing than getting your perfect manicure and pedicure done in the comfort of your own home. You always have the option of choosing the kind of service you want and the type of nail color you would like to go with. The cost may vary because of these factors along with the type of mani and pedi you choose.

Signature ManicureAED 125
Signature PedicureAED 140
Signature Mani and PediAED 250
Signature French ManicureAED 135
Signature French PedicureAED 150
French Mani Pedi by Orly™AED 260 
Breathable Nails ManicureAED 150 
Breathable Nails PedicureAED 150
Breathable Nail Polish Mani PediAED 260
Gel Manicure – With Removal AED 195
Gel Manicure – Without RemovalAED 160
Gel Pedicure – With RemovalAED 205
Gel Pedicure – Without RemovalAED 170
Gel Mani Pedi – With Removal AED 360
Gel Mani Pedi – Without RemovalAED 300

Nail Extensions

Unable to grow your nails to your preferred length and shape? Nail extensions are the ultimate solution for you and luckily they can be booked via at-home salon services now. 

The luxury salon services at home prices for nail extensions are as follows. 

Acrylic Nails Extension (Natural)AED 360
Acrylic Nails Extension (French)AED 420

Hair Spa

Sitting in a salon chair for a long period of time can be very taxing. Since hair treatments usually require time, the comfort of getting them at home is unmatched. However, the charges may vary according to the treatment you choose and the length of your hair.

Olaplex™ Hair Treatment – Short HairAED 220
Olaplex™ Hair Treatment – Medium HairAED 240
Olaplex™ Hair Treatment – Long HairAED 280
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Short HairAED 950
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Medium HairAED 1150
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Long HairAED 1399


It is ideal to have a pain-free and gentle waxing experience and you might get just that if you book services for waxing at home. There are salons that offer a luxurious and relaxing experience by using only the best quality Rica™ wax. Here’s the breakdown of the cost:

Full ArmsAED 80
Half ArmsAED 60
UnderarmsAED 50
Full LegsAED 100
Half LegsAED 80
BikiniAED 50
Full BrazilianAED 130
Half BrazilianAED 75
StomachAED 80
Full BackAED 80
Half BackAED 60
Full BodyAED 350
Full Body with BrazilianAED 450
Full Body with BikiniAED 400
Eyebrows WaxingAED 50
Upper Lips WaxingAED 30
Full FaceAED 100

Eyes and Brows

Usually, people are very picky when it comes to trusting someone to do their eyebrows as they make or break your entire look. Luckily, there are salons now that offer expert services you can rely on for lash lifting and eyebrow tinting. The cost of each depends on the method you select.

Classic Eyelash Full Set (Natural Look)AED 350
Classic Eyelash Half Set (Natural Look)AED 250
Russian Eyelash Full Set (Glam Look)AED 420
Russian Eyelash Half Set (Glam Look)AED 350
Classic Eyelash RefillAED 200
Russian Eyelash RefillAED 250
Lash LiftAED 175
Lash Lift and TintAED 250
Brow Shaping and TintingAED 150
Brow Lamination and TintingAED 250


A facial is a delicate task and should only be performed by professionals. As it will be done by a top esthetician or a skincare expert, it is worth the price.Β 

Dermalogica™ Deep Cleansing FacialAED 300
Dermalogica™ Anti Aging FacialAED 400
Dermalogica™ Hydration Booster FacialAED 350
Dermalogica™ Skin Tightening FacialAED 400
Dermalogica™ Acne Treatment FacialAED 400


Whether you want to go for a natural look or full glam, you can get both types of services right at your doorstep. The cost for makeovers is different for each type of look and hairdo. 

No Makeup MakeupAED 650
Glam MakeupAED 750
Extra Glam MakeupAED 850
Day Makeup and HairAED 900
Glam Makeup and HairAED 1000
Extra Glam Makeup and HairAED 1100

(Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change)


Nothing compares to getting beauty services at home. You not only save time but also travel expenses. Be it facials, hair treatments, nail services, or waxing, everything is available to you without having to leave your home.

So give yourself the pampering you deserve. Visit ServiceMarket and book luxury salon at home services in Dubai by salons that use only the most premium products by top brands. Let these experts take care of you.Β 

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