Cost of Waxing in Abu Dhabi


Booking and showing up for a waxing session in Abu Dhabi is quite demanding and exhausting. The most convenient way to get waxing done is in the comfort and privacy of your home. That is one of the main reasons why demand for an expert for waxing at home in Abu Dhabi is growing.

A lot of people have misconceptions that waxing at home services are very pricey. They often end up with overgrown hair until they find time for a salon. Dig into this blog to know the costs of body waxing in Abu Dhabi.

Types of Body Waxing

There are different types of body waxing with the most popular ones being hot waxing, warm waxing, cold waxing, and sugar waxing. The total cost is significantly impacted by the type of waxing you want.

Hot Waxing

Hot waxing is one of the most popular techniques because of its effectiveness in removing hair from the root. In this process, hot wax is applied directly to the body and removed when it cools. The application of the hot wax opens the pores on the body that effectively removes hair from the root and also exfoliates the skin. 

Warm Waxing 

Warm waxing involves the application of the wax on the skin. Then strips of fabric are spread over the wax covered portion. The cloth is then quickly removed, resulting in uprooting of hair and wax from the skin. 

Cold Waxing

Cold waxing is a quick method to remove hair. First, it is applied to a strip, and then that strip is applied to a hairy patch. It is good for people who do not like the inconvenience of a warm liquid applied to their skin. However, this method is best suited for thin hair and pain sensitive areas like upper lips and may not be suitable for very thick hair.  

Sugar or Honey Waxing

Honey waxing involves the use of wax made with natural materials like honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Because it is more natural, it is less likely to cause problems even for those of you with sensitive skin. The process of applying it with the strip is fundamentally the same as that of warm waxing. According to many people, sugar waxing is less painful and more long-lasting.

A Breakdown of the Cost of Waxing

The cost of a waxing session at home generally depends on the type of body wax and the area of waxing. The cost of a body waxing service increases with the area of the body to be waxed. For example, a half arm waxing session will cost you less than a full body wax. It is because it takes a lot less time, effort, and use of material for removing hair from a small portion of the body. 

You can get a good idea about the costs from the table below. These are estimated prices. A waxing at home service offering similar prices is fairly affordable. 

Type of Body WaxingΒ CostΒ 
Full Arms Waxing AED 70
Half Arms WaxingAED 40
Underarms WaxingAED 20
Full Legs Waxing AED 80
Half Legs Waxing AED 50
Bikini Waxing AED 90
Stomach Waxing AED 50
Half Back Waxing AED 30
Full Body Waxing with BrazilianAED 300
Full Body Waxing without BrazilianAED 200
Full Arms Waxing (Honey)AED 70
Half Arms Waxing (Honey)AED 40
Underarms Waxing (Honey)AED 20
Full Legs Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Bikini Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Stomach Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Full Back Waxing (Honey)AED 50
Half Back Waxing (Honey)AED 30
Full Body Waxing with Brazilian (Honey)AED 300
Full Body Waxing without Brazilian (Honey)AED 200


When you know the factors and the cost of the service, the next important step is to find a suitable service with expert waxing technicians. That is crucial for a lasting result and effective hair removal with the least amount of pain. 

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