DIY Waxing At Home in Dubai

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Waxing off unwanted hair can be a painful process and many women prefer to get a wax home service in Dubai. However, for others, doing it themselves is a better option. It might cost less and you can avoid the commute and hassle of getting an appointment. But you need to know a few important things and get the right equipment. 

While booking salon services at home in Dubai might be the quicker and easier option, there is no harm in trying waxing at home. The process can be a bit daunting but you can do it if you know what to expect. This guide has some interesting tips and can help you prepare for the whole process.

What Do You Need for a DIY Wax Home Service?

The following tips and hacks can make your at-home waxing session go a lot smoother. You will need some basic equipment before you start. Here is everything you need to know and buy before you begin.

Step 1: Getting the Equipment

If you don’t want to go for professional waxing services at home, you will have to invest in some basic supplies. Here’s the checklist:

  • Sugar/Fruit/Depilatory/Rica Wax
  • Wax heater
  • Cotton Waxing strips
  • Small wooden sticks/spoons
  • Extra sheets
  • Body Powder
  • Latex Gloves 
  • After-wax soothing lotion or body oil

You may not absolutely need everything from the list above. But if you want a salon-like wax at home service, an after-wax lotion and powder would be nice to have. The rest of the things on the list (sticks, sheets, gloves, etc,.) are there to make the job easier.

Step 2: Prepping Your Skin 

Your skin is going to go through a fair amount of tugging and pulling during the waxing process. Therefore, you need to prep it for what is about to come. That process consists of three steps:

  • Exfoliating
  • Cleansing

Waxing is an exfoliating process itself as it strips away the upper layer of the skin along with the hair. So, you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin right before waxing. Instead, use a mild exfoliator like a scrub or a loofah at least a day or two in advance. 

Moreover, the better the wax can stick to your hair and skin, the smoother the wax will be. So, your skin shouldn’t be dirty, wet, oily, or overly moisturized. The wax might slip off and wouldn’t hold on to your hair. That can result in an uneven and unsatisfactory result. To prevent that from happening, rub a body powder on the area of waxing before you start. The powder can absorb any sebum or extra moisture from your body.

Step 3: The Waxing Process

Once you prep your skin, start the waxing process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Warm up the wax using the heater.
  • Use a wooden stick to scoop up the hot wax.
  • Spread a thin even layer of wax on a small area of your prepped skin.
  • Stick a cotton wax strip on it.
  • Leave a loose end for gripping the wax strip.
  • Pull the strip away from your body.
  • Rub the area gently with your hands to soothe some of the pain.
  • Repeat the same until done.

Note: Start with smaller patches if your pain threshold is low or you have sensitive skin.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Salons have professional beauty technicians that know what they’re doing and have years of experience. So, achieving the same result with waxing at home in Dubai can take some time and a bit of practice. These useful tricks can help you get there faster:

  1. Check the wax temperature beforehand so that you don’t burn yourself.
  2. Stay in an air-conditioned room, especially if you’re waxing in the Dubai summer. 
  3. It is always best to apply wax in the direction of the hair follicle growth and pull the strip away in the opposite direction. 
  4. You can remove any wax residue by applying body oil and then wiping it off.
  5. If there is any leftover hair, use tweezers to pluck it out.
  6. Apply a soothing lotion to relieve some of the burning sensations from the waxed area.
  7. Use an antibacterial after-care product to reduce the chances of an infection. 
  8. Keep napkins and extra sheets handy to avoid a sticky mess.


A DIY wax home service is doable but there is so much you need to take care of. Even then, achieving the same silky smooth texture may not be possible. And the chances of getting an infection are also high if you aren’t careful. So, booking professional salon services at home in Dubai might be the best option for waxing.

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