How to Get Your Dubai Home Ready for Eid

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If you live in Dubai, you are probably coming to realize that Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner! This festival full of food and good company does not come without some preparation. Getting your home clean and ready for celebrations will put you in the holiday spirit and will make you all the more welcoming of guests for your feasts. However, it may not always be easy to get your home ready on your own in Ramadan. Contact a maid agency in Dubai for help since there are a few things you should get done right before Eid.

De-clutter and Organize

Getting your Dubai home ready for Eid is an exciting experience, especially if you’re a clean freak! Since Eid is often a time to feel fresh and energetic again, it is a great time to give your own home a clean, open and fresh feel. You may have collected many unnecessary items throughout the year and bought things you do not need. From excess toys to too much clothes, it’s probably time for your home to get a thorough de-cluttering session. Ramadan is also a great time to be charitable and de-cluttering your home is your opportunity to donate items to those in need. However, de-cluttering organizing can be extremely exhausting, time consuming and sometimes stressful. Therefore, look for housekeeping services or part time maids in Dubai and book a house maid to help you.

Once you have decided on a maid service in Dubai, pre-book several appointments that work with your schedule. Break down your Dubai home into sections so that you can tackle this task systematically. You will need to be part of the de-cluttering process since you will be deciding which things to keep and which things to remove from your home. Whatever clothes, toys and furniture you find in good condition but decide you don’t need should be donated to charity. Everything else you do not want to keep should be thrown away.

Deep Clean Your Dubai Home

One of the best things about Eid is being with your friends and family. You will likely have numerous parties or guests visiting you almost every day of the festival. It is important to have your home looking beautiful for these occasions. Although you may be able to handle every day chores, you might be too busy for deep cleaning tasks while getting everything else ready for Eid. You will most likely need to look for a cleaning company and book the appointment you need. Just make sure you get the right cleaning services by reading up customer reviews before hiring one.

Clean Carpets and Upholstery

To add a whole new level of freshness to your home for Eid, think about cleaning your carpets and upholstery! Your couches may seem clean to you, and your carpets spotless, but when you get these items cleaned professionally you will definitely see the difference. You will get the original colour of your carpets and sofas back which will give your home a brand new look. If you are in a rush, look for cleaning services that are able to clean and dry your upholstery and carpets in the same day.

Clean Your Fridge!

We all know Eid is a time for good food, and a lot of it. Before you go shopping for all the meals you will be making, be sure your fridge is fresh and clean. First, start by removing anything that has expired or gone bad. Then, remove everything from your fridge and clean the inside with soap and water. After your finished cleaning, put a box of baking soda in your fridge to keep it smelling fresh for a long time. If you find yourself in a rush, or your fridge needs more cleaning than you anticipated, use the help of a part time maid service in Dubai.

Change Your Linens and Decorate Your Dubai home

Changing the linens and tablecloths in your home just in time for Eid will give your Dubai home a new crisp feeling. Try to unify the colours of your linens and pick a cheerful colour. You could also go for colours that go with your home dΓ©cor to add a new elegance to your Dubai home. After changing your linens, begin to decorate your home. Add mirrors, change your lighting, and add more accessories to your home.

If you are starting to get your home ready for Eid, remember to take your time and get some help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it! Consult ServiceMarket and book the best cleaning services in Dubai to help you get ready for Eid-ul-Fitr.

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