Everything You Need to Know About House Cleaning Services

Cleaning services in the UAE

If you want to keep your home in good condition, you might want to consider booking a professional house cleaning serviceΒ in Dubai. Since there are a number of cleaning services that you can choose from, depending on your exact needs, the experts at ServiceMarket have prepared this guide to help you pick the right cleaning service for your home.

    • General cleaning services: You can also book professional cleaning services on an hourly basis. This would usually cost between AED 35-40 per hour and a licensed cleaner will come to your home and perform various services including balcony cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning of drawers, dusting, laundry, dishes, cleaning of kitchen counters, and taking out the trash. In case you want the cleaners to being their own cleaning tools and supplies, you can let the cleaning company know in advance. There is usually an additional cost of AED 10 per hour for cleaning materials. You can use ServiceMarket to get multiple quotes from cleaning companies or book the service instantly online.
    • Deep cleaning service: You should try to book a deep cleaning service at least once a year to make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned. In addition to doing everything that a regular cleaner does, they also use advanced cleaning methods to remove dirt from hidden places, get rid of stains and even thoroughly clean your appliances. You can expect to pay AED 500 to 550 for a one bedroom apartment.
    • Mattress, carpet and upholstery cleaning: Your carpetΒ will gradually become dirty if you just use a vacuum cleaner, no matter how regularly you clean it. Professional cleaning services specialize in cleaning carpets thoroughly and you’d be surprised by how quickly they can get rid of all sorts of stains. They mostly use steam cleaning, which also disinfects the carpet and helps in controlling bed bug infestations. Professional cleaning services are also available for mattresses and sofas in your home. There are a number of germs and bacteria that could be in your home, which are not visible to the eye.Β 
  • Full-time maids: There are two types of full-time maids: live-out and live-in maids. Most people in the UAE who have full-time help, opt to have their maid live with them. If you have a spare room in your home, then this might be the best option for you. Many live-in maids would also agree to perform extra chores like cooking and babysitting – just make sure that their responsibilities are clearly outlined before they start so that expectations are aligned. On the other hand, a live-out maid would visit your home for a set number of hours every day – but you would typically have to pay them a higher salary so that they can pay for their own accommodation. You would usually pay a full-time maid a salary of AED 2000 to 4000 per month, but there are other costs associated with hiring a maid, including sponsorship, recruitment, lodging, food, flights, and medical insurance. To get a better idea of the costs associated with a full-time maid in Dubai read our guide on the Process and Costs of Hiring a Full-Time Maid in Dubai.

Whether you need a weekly cleaning service for your home or need some extra help to clean up before and after a party, ServiceMarket can get you in touch with a suitable cleaning company. ServiceMarket only features vetted cleaning companies in Dubai and makes it easy for you to compare their services, get free quotes or book a cleaner online from AED 35 per hour.

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