10 Green Cleaning Tips for Your Dubai Apartment

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Summer is upon us! For many in Dubai, this means spring cleaning has started in most houses, apartments, and offices. A necessary and worthwhile project, spring cleaning can rid you of excess and make room for a new you; especially with the help of a deep cleaning company in Dubai. But what happens when you’ve removed hundreds of items that have been piling up for years, and you come across layers of dust? Instead of whipping out your usual petroleum-based, toxic cleaning products, start being mindful about the types of items you’re using in your home and introduce green cleaning into your life. Follow these green cleaning tips from ServiceMarket.

Did you know that out of the 17,000 petrochemicals used in cleaning products, most haven’t been tested for harmful effects on humans and the environment? Many of these chemicals can cause indoor air pollutants, which could trigger allergies, bronchitis, and asthma.

Cleaning services aren’t hard to come by in Dubai, here’s how you can choose the right one for you. Once in a while, you might prefer to forgo a maid in Dubai, and by following the tips below, you can ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to provide your family with a clean and healthy environment. In some cases, indoor air pollution level is much higher than the outdoors, all due to harmful cleaning products.

So how can items used for cleaning be green and natural? For one, they’re usually a combination of ingredients found right in your home. The less harmful chemicals the better since there are already 5 billion pounds of chemicals being used by the cleaning industry every year.

  1. Vinegar and baking soda are your two hero products, so you can start there. The ingredients combine together to create an all purpose cleaner that will take care of stains, smudges, and specks.
  2. Another natural green cleaner is lemon. Have you ever washed and rinsed your cutting board only to find out that the food is still stuck on it? Slice a lemon and start scrubbing the surface to ensure complete cleanliness and disinfection.
  3. Is your furniture ready for some polish? Just mix lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil and watch magic happen as you apply it to the stainless steel. Most cleaning services use phosphates and chlorine filled products, but with this home-made mix, you’re using biodegradable, toxic-free material. Β 
  4. For a bleach that you can use guilt-free, blend 12 cups of water, quarter cup of lemon juice, and one cup of hydrogen peroxide together. You can use this mixture in your laundry or pour it into a spray bottle for household cleaning.
  5. Lemon is truly a jack of all trades; if you mix some lemon slices with vinegar and water, you have got yourself a microwave cleaner. Cook the blend on high in the microwave for 5 minutes. After it cools, grab a cloth and wipe the insides of the microwave.
  6. Get your rugs and carpets in tip top shape with cornstarch! When you mix cornstarch with water, you can also use it to clean your windows.
  7. In Dubai and the rest of the region, olive oil is a treasured commodity. Use olive oil or vegetable oil to polish your wood back to life.
  8. We know vinegar doesn’t have a pleasant scent, but its effect on mildew, odors, and wax build up makes it worthy to use. It can also remove grease, the trickiest stain of all.
  9. Freshen up your air with these tricks: spread baking soda and lemon juice in bowls around the house to absorb smells, increase your houseplants (they reduce odors in the home), place coffee grounds in your kitchen counter, and boil water and cinnamon on the stove.
  10. We know you probably don’t enjoy doing the dishes, but by making your own soap you can feel responsible for helping out the environment. Mix baking soda, salt, and washing soda (sodium carbonate) for squeaky clean pots and pans.

If you absolutely hate cleaning, make life easier with ServiceMarket. You can get quotes from various cleaning companies in Dubai before you pick one. With ServiceMarket, you always have the option of providing your own cleaning materials. So make the blends and have them ready for the cleaner!

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