7 Habits That Can Help You Keep Your Dammam Home Clean

Decluttering and cleaning your Dammam home

Everyone loves a clean home but many people dread the cleaning process. Keeping your Dammam home in great condition does not have to be a tiresome task. The trick is to do a little every day. Adopt these simple cleaning habits compiled by the experts at ServiceMarket and book professional cleaning services in Dammam regularly to make sure your home remains clean all year round.

1) Make your bed

It only takes a few minutes and is one of the most effective things you can do. Whether you stay at home or go out for work, it’s always great to climb into a nicely made bed after a long day. Arranging pillows and straightening sheets only takes a few minutes. You should also wash your bedding regularly. 

2) Do regular loads of laundry

We are all guilty of letting the laundry pile up occasionally. As a rule however, do regular loads so your hampers are not overflowing. It’s easier to dry, fold, and put away small loads on a regular basis than dealing with a mountain of laundry.

3) Clean as you go

Did you go through five pairs of shoes before deciding on the ones you are wearing? Put away the other four. Just had friends over for a quick coffee? Collect the coffee mugs and take them to the kitchen. A lego tower collapsed in the kids room? Ask them to clean it up before they move on to the next activity. Spending a few minutes cleaning as you go means you won’t have to dedicate your entire weekend to cleaning. 

4) Declutter and organize 

Go through your belongings and donate or sell items than you don’t need. Maybe your toddler has outgrown her baby toys, or your four-year-old won’t fit in any of his old clothes. Keep things that have sentimental value but don’t hoard. It is much easier to stay organized when you have fewer things to organize. Likewise, don’t let paper pile up. Create a specific spot for bills, mail, brochures, flyers so you can sort through them as needed. 

5) Vacuum and dust regularly 

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or wooden floors, they all require maintenance. Things happen in every home. Kids track in mud, food crumbs lie under the dining table, or the cat may be shedding. Not to mention the thin film of dust on furniture. Just a few minutes of vacuuming and dusting every day ensures a tidy look.  

6) Empty out your garbage can

Nothing smells worse or looks less appealing than an overflowing garbage can. Get a covered garbage can and line it with a fresh bag. Take out the trash as soon as the can is full. Wash out the can regularly in case there are any spills or congealed messes. Be extra vigilant in the summer months as food rots very quickly and can attract pests.

7) Sort through your pantry

Groceries pile up and before you know it, your pantry can be overflowing with half finished packets. Make it a habit to check your pantry regularly and throw out products which have expired or gone bad. Seal all the food in jars or bags and clean out crumbs and other food debris. Pay extra attention in the summer since things go bad faster. 

Small cleaning habits can make a big difference. Remember, a clean home is a happy home. If you need help, just book one of more professional cleaning services in Dammam through ServiceMarket.

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